[DAO: QmYr5se] Ban the name TrumpSucks

by 0xd138754662c39731017e259f6e5ce1a8e7214fd4 (HxH)

Should the name TrumpSucks be added to the Denied Names list, banning it from Decentraland?


This name is directly offensive towards and individual who ran a country for several years without making any mistakes at all.

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We need to have a committee or even algorithm that filters name ban requests for hate and derogatory speech. This is about to get very trolly very quickly.

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Do we call it a whitelist or a blacklist?

I don’t think we call it either of those =)

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Ok bet probably wise. Maybe some sort of system where the banned names can have wild cards with potentially rare exceptions to a rule. Really tough to come up with something overarching here but I agree this is a non-optimal use of voting power and the DAO.

those people who were crying to ban bad"Jew" names, now saying no to this proposal !

if you people agree with hate speech , what is this then?

you people are funny

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You mean people who voted to ban a name that is derogatory, hateful, and promotes violence against a group of people based solely on their religion? As opposed to a name that targets an individual public figure, and expresses an opinion on his character or performance? There is no equivalence between the two and the former is by definition “hate speech.”

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I’d like to vote yes on this, because I’d like DCL to remain free of real-world politics. We’re trying to build something new here, why bring old and divisive issues into decentraland?
To what end?

But with the way you worded the proposal? I can’t being myself to do it.


That sounds like FUD to me honestly. I mean nothing but the best here.