[DAO: Qme38YR] Ban the name JewFucker

by 0x6a75ac02b0a2f8e016ffda57611540022e5f1e6d (KJJK)

Should the name JewFucker be added to the Denied Names list, banning it from Decentraland?


No need to elaborate. Pained me to type it in the first place.

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I feel bad for laughing, but I’d vote yes to ban it.

I’m assuming the user who registered it just loses their eth / mana?

I’m also curious to see this Denied Names list if it’s available somewhere! thanks

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I registered this to test this community vote system, ban the JewFucker! Sorry it pains me too lol… let me keep jewsus as a test pleast… Love you all here.

I’ll lyk what happens to my MANA but it feels spent.

and yes, show us the blacklist for education and banning purposes fools, ain’t this a community!?

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It’s available here: https://client.aragon.org/#/dcl.eth/0x0c4c90a4f29872a2e9ef4c4be3d419792bca9a36/

A banned name can’t be used inworld but can still be transferred/sold

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You paid 100 mana to test a system instead of looking around the site a bit? Disgusting IMO… Maybe click a few links and read a bit next time.

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There is also an API for it, just in case someone would like to query it.


I mean I knew what I was doing, I’m testing boundaries here. Sorry it’s unpleasant for you.

Wait is the API current? There is only one banned name and it’s that horribly offensive double whammy? If someone buys up xxxFucker times 20 will they get the word “Fucker” blanket banned? What are we doing here…?