[DAO: QmYbQtN] Multiple Operators

by 0x3cb9e515e2452937b501734aa2cc8ea673c28f27 (decentrafun)

I have currently an issue where I can only assign land to be administered by an operator. It would be nice to allow multiple operator functionality to be added.
This is especially important where you have assigned a hot wallet as an operator but would like another or more people to take a hold of your land and update it properly.
The vote is:
Yes - let’s allow multiple operator functionality
No - No let’s not make multiple operator functionality

  • yes
  • no

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Voted no because that would require a land smartcontract update and you can already add multiple managers.
Adding managers from the builder UI would be required though as there is no nice UI to do it for the moment (the best is doing it through Etherscan currently)

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