[DAO:9d2cac2] Enable Operator Rights option in the Builder UI for Decentraland Worlds

by 0x2684a202a374d87bb321a744482b89bf6deaf8bd (FriskyBumbleBee)


The aim of this proposal is to provide an opportunity to enable operator rights for Decentraland Worlds through the Builder UI. By enabling this feature, it would provide a means to collaborate with other users in deploying unique scenes with Decentraland names purchased without the need of technical expertise to deploy it through CLI.


Adding this feature to the builder would provide ample opportunity for individuals to collaborate with each other in deploying unique scenes to Decentraland Worlds. This permits ease of access similarly to how you would grant operator rights to an individual for your parcel in Genesis City. Enabling this feature will provide an opportunity for an individual who may not have the technical background to deploy in Worlds without the need to go through the CLI to add operators to their respective worlds.


Decentraland Worlds is a great entry tool to permit users who may not have land in Genesis City to develop and deploy unique builds in their respective DCL name they may purchase. Although, an individual can deploy the build via Builder and coordinate with a dev to develop a scene and deploy it- this method may not always be ideal especially in the instance when you have a distributed staff across the world. By granting operator rights to deploy on your Decentraland Worlds, it would allow ample opportunity to collaborate, increase work efficiency, and save time deploying various scenes in Decentraland Worlds.


Add a similar feature or option which permits users in the builder to grant operator rights in Decentraland Worlds, as you have currently with granting operator rights to your parcel.


By enacting this governance proposal, it will provide an opportunity to increase work efficiency, save time, and provide collaboration with builders or teammates in deploying scenes to Decentraland Worlds without the need of technical information such as granting operator rights through CLI.

Integration Difficulty – Low

Based on the feedback received on Canny, this was a feature that was scheduled to deploy in Q3. However, I suspect other features being prioritized with a greater precedence in the product backlog, this feature may have been a huge priority for Q3 at the time. The options already exist through the builder UI to grant operator rights to a parcel. Integrating CLI to grant operator rights into Decentraland Worlds may not be a heavy lift for the team. Below you can find the information regarding the request submitted July 10, 2023.


If the governance proposal is approved, I foresee it permitting ease of access to community members to collaborate with teammates or builders and increase work efficiency to build unique scenes into Decentraland Worlds. This will ultimately save time and decrease the knowledge gap that may exist with granting operator rights to individuals through CLI. Please provide any feedback, and thank you for your time.

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What a nice proposal ! :clap:


Of course this is something that gives an improvement to the platform. :100:


Enable Operator Rights option in the Builder UI for Decentraland Worlds

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

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Enable Operator Rights option in the Builder UI for Decentraland Worlds

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