[DAO: QmQLKWp] (Cold Wallet Users) Give access/land permission to another wallet

by 0xb083d214a934f556580f850b8dbcfeccefe8ed8b (AlexMarks3D#ed8b)

While keeping land on a hard wallet, there is a security/convenience trade-off. Every sign in, transaction, and land permission becomes tedious when having to manually approve everything on the Hardware wallet with a pin. Would be great to give access permissions to another wallet address.

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AFAIK your options at the moment are:

  • VP Delegation: Using Snapshot
  • approvedForAll: set a wallet as co-owner of other (can transfer and deploy)
  • updateManager: set a wallet as updateOperator of all land (delopy only)
  • updateOperator: permissions to deploy on a particular LAND or ESTATE.

The last 3 options require a transaction on Ethereum from the owner, calling the contracts. You can do it on etherscan.

Check this recap for a more detailed explanation: