[DAO: QmXUTMt] Do we need a directory in "Places" to categorize locations?

by 0x0749d1abb5ca9128432b612644c0ea1e9c6cc9af (ALPHAALVES#c9af)

I was hanging out on KandyGirl’s twitch stream and he was sharing his new NFTs in the beginning of his stream and by the end of it, we were all sharing ideas together, bouncing off of him dropping knowledge on stream it was great. He shared his thoughts on Voting Power and earning a Point Of Interest. He also shared a proposal where there is a directory in places where you can search for a location and see locations categorized. For example we would have a Night Club section, Districts and Plazas, Casinos, Art Galleries etc… We think this could help the user experience to help those who are confused and don’t know where to go & help those who know where they want to go but can’t find the coordinates or location on trending places/highlights. He did say it was okay for me to propose this idea. Please leave your feedback and thoughts below to help sharpen the idea.

  • Yes, this is necessary.
  • No, this is unnecessary.
  • Invalid question/options

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Do we need a directory in “Places” to categorize locations ?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes, this is necessary. 1% 1,190 VP (16 votes)
  • No, this is unnecessary. 0% 0 VP (0 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 99% 391,847 VP (7 votes)