[DAO: QmXsmfP] Implement weighted voting in the Snapshot space to create ordered lists

by 0xe6d503b3ab9565560c3a6a6881d79ba29590f99f (Guest-e6d503)

The DAO needs to be able to create ordered lists. Weighted voting would allow the DAO to create ordered lists using MANA (and other voting power) as a weight. Ordered lists can be used in the future for:

  • Creating committees of people from short lists of candidates
  • Prioritizing initiatives and projects
  • Maintaining lists of trusted resources
  • Choosing winners in contests and ranking content

You can see an example of this feature in Fabien’s snapshot here: Snapshot

There is an example implementation here: snapshot/weighted.ts at develop · snapshot-labs/snapshot · GitHub

Implementation is non-trivial but not an unreasonable request of the Governance maintainers.

  • Yes, I propose to implement weighted voting
  • No, I do not propose to implement weighted voting

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Hey all, this is important if the DAO wants to delegate administrative work effectively. We’ve seen that the yes/no polls are insufficient for more complex decisions and leads to some abuse of the poll format (for example, people making no true viable alternatives in the poll options and then failing to get enough votes for followup polls).

The DAO is soon going to be responsible for creating a new curation committee for the wearables and building a ranked list seems like the cleanest way to do this (or ranked choice voting, but the implementation of that is more complex). If there are alternatives I’m missing, please shout them out!

It’s also possible that the DAO really wants to maintain micro administrative control—in which case, we’d also want weighted voting enabled.