[DAO: QmX4yyz] Dressing room capability on marketplace for wearables

by 0x0e9376d358cc0258b0ca7d6da113985f9179e3ed (MrWizard#e3ed)

Hi all,

I notice there are many prospective users/buyers of wearables who are hesitant to purchase wearables because there is a lack of showcasing or dressing-up functionality in the marketplace. People will most likely to purchase if they can see how do the wearables look like on the actual avatar.

Thank you

  • Yes, we should have a dressing room feature
  • No, we should not have a dressing room feature
  • Invalid question/options

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Popping by give props on this idea! Many wearables have features that are not so apparent in their “flattened” state. i.e. my favorite pink tinted glasses by MetaZoo International look incredible when worn by my avatar vs. its market place listing - doesn’t do it justice as it looks shaded but they are vibrant and glowing! The only time I am able to preview what something looks like “on” is when I get submission notices, but the mass majority doesn’t have that insight. Wonderful proposal that will surely help stimulate the economics of the DCL marketplace and endear creators as well.