[DAO: QmWUPsE] Is it possible to have birds in the metaverse?

by 0xa8e9da8976b2e80769f9c15c906868c44ae06f09 (SelbyExchange)

Is it possible to have birds or any pet animals? I am seeing them being setup in (2) possible ways:

  1. like a avatar with their own sign-in and settings menu that is linked to a users main account by NFT ownership.

  2. A simple AI animal that is linked to the parcel as a builder item.

This question is most likely old and has been asked, already.
Thank you in advance for the response…

  • Is it possible to have birds or animals in the metaverse?
  • Do we want to be without animals?

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The DAO is not a question answering service. In the current culture, poll proposals exist to gauge sentiment among MANA token holders and formalize existing or controversial community sentiment, not seek information. You are probably better off making a forum post or asking in Discord :slight_smile:

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