[DAO: QmTK3j1] Automatically add an option to Community Polls to signal invalid questions/answers

by 0xffac7fd045303112fdb28e9dace8e1334ad324c0 (eordano)

Context: There are some polls that don’t have feasible options to vote. One such example is we in 2021 or How many people…?.

The poll Should we be actively seeking developers for game design? came up in a conversation as an example of a poll with more than two “no” options. It might be interesting to have the Snapshot frontend automatically generate an option that signals to the creator of the poll that the question was framed incorrectly.

It might bring us some vote dilution, though. I propose that the votes towards the “Invalid” option don’t count towards the threshold of 66% to accept a vote (for example, if 1M mana votes no, 3M mana vote yes, 2M mana vote invalid, that would count as 75% acceptance – only the 1M of the “no” option and the 3M corresponding to the “yes” option would count).

  • Yes, automatically add an ‘Invalid question/options’ option to all polls
  • No, don’t automatically add options
  • Maybe: this idea needs more work
  • Invalid question/options

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