[DAO: QmS3Ni1] Should we tax land in mana?

by 0xa613fb01537435c1bab136b544c2550cb62432e1 (Dogeguy#32e1)

In the physical world, governments can tax land. They do this impart to incentivize land owners to make productive use of land and not just sit on it. They also do this to raise revenue for general operations, which could be useful to DCL.

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Aren’t real world taxes and gas fees enough? Why bring over something we all hate from the physical world to the virtual world?


Yea there are plenty of other ways to incentivize productive land use, this is a stupid idea

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the point in a metaverse is for fun and freedom not to be taxed on your assets

Should we tax land in mana?

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Should we tax land in mana?

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