[DAO: QmRVoKT] Add A Category For Hand Accessory In The Wearables Builder

by 0x99ec37c145060fe7ee9e346c3d40cb7fd28ed80f (FrankyNeedles)

As it stands there is no category for any hand accessories in the wearables builder. I propose a category for hands so we can make gloves, rings, weapons, other hands, ect…

  • Yes to Hand Accessory Category
  • No to Hand Accessory Category

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@FrankyNeedles I love that you proposed this. Wanted to connect with you on escalating this, if you’re interested or have any info on why this hasn’t been escalated since last year? There’s been a bunch of chatter lately about why there isn’t a hand category yet, and I’d love to help you push this forward if you’d like to work together?

Let me know! Appreciate you!

This is something that I feel should be implemented. The newer armature has pieces that seem to be for hand items so I feel it’s at least in the works. I could be wrong but that’s what I see. I understand that it would look better with the proper animations so we’ll see if the chicken comes before the egg or otherwise.

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