[DAO: QmQnk6P] Co-Creating Events & Collaborative Projects Together

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Category Outreach and event organization

Problem & Solution A platform that allows anyone to easily create ideas for events and land-projects, vote for, get feedback and co-create events and collaborative projects together.


A) Attracting new people to Decentraland

B) Creating a simple way to bridge interaction between Decentraland-stakeholders and new people

C) Creating a framework that allows for fast and effective experimentation on how to
create mechanisms for how to best invite/incentivize people to suggest, vote on and give feedback on events and land-ideas

Feasibility The team has strong experience in organizing and facilitating Community Events, Project Management, Content Creation, Marketing

Grant size

16 USD

Beneficiary address



We need a place where anyone inside and outside the Decentraland-community can suggest ideas for events and projects for games, artistic projects, and land-projects inside Decentraland. This is a crowdsourcing and -voting platform that encourages and inspires collaboration of existing and new stakeholders and new project ideas and partnerships.

This is different than the already existing DAO-community voting as this platform will be open and public and is inviting interested people that want to participate in Decentraland by either contributing ideas and/or resources.

Goals: Having built the open platform and having engaged 30 people that have co-organized or participated in community events and/or collaborative projects.


Please see the following links to videos, prototypes and the white paper and also the section “Roadmap and milestones” below for further details.

A) 1.5-minute interview of Simon explaining what Favourse is: https://video.favourse.com/
On www.Favourse.com you can find overview, short explainer videos with main use cases, links to telegram-groups, team, etc.
C) https://demo.favourse.com - Demo (view-only) related to the main use cases referenced in the explainer videos
D) https://pre.favourse.com - Prototype, can register with few clicks, play around
E) https://whitepaper.favourse.com - White paper

We are happy to provide further information regarding details about the technical implementation. The current prototype was built in Laravel (PHP, Javascript, etc.), though once awarded the grant, we will re-evaluate if and if yes, what part of the current prototype could be re-used. Also, we would be happy to hear feedback and suggestions from the community and potentially re-use already existing code and tools.


Simon Smaluhn (Germany/Indonesia) - Co-founder of SeminarDesk.com, a web-based event management software; co-founded the NGO “Mindfulness & Understanding” that organizes and coordinates mindfulness & meditation events internationally (www.AVeV.de)

Erik Steindecker von Teschenhausen (Brazil/Germany) - Erik is savvy in the field of computer and mechanical engineering. He researched applications of virtual reality and augmented reality for almost a decade in Germany and the United States.

Iosi Pratama (Indonesia) - Expertise in designing digital products, user experience design (UED) and interactive design

Dewi Anty (Indonesia) for testing, coordination and reaching out to Decentraland-stakeholders and potential new users; influencer on youtube and instagram

Imad Bouziani (Algeria/Indonesia) - Imad is a senior full stack web developer who helps companies & charities anywhere create smart contracts; previously lead developer for puls.com.
imadbz (Imad Bouziani) · GitHub
Imad Bouziani on Torre genome

Some team members have been involved in crypto/blockchain for around 10 years.

Roadmap and milestones

1. Month: Evaluating which part of the existing prototype pre.favourse.com can be used (Erik); designing and defining technical framework that allows for experimentation and bringing together of different elements of the platform, namely event/idea-generation/suggestion, voting, feedback and crowdsourcing.

In parallel: Creating a list of different Decentraland-stakeholders and inviting them to pilot on our platform (Dewi, Simon). This activity will be ongoing and will develop and engage people from within and without the current Decentraland-community.

2. + 3. Month: Erik & Sadu (development), together with Iosi & Imad (UI and design), define and start development of the first version with core elements of suggesting, voting, trending-view and tag-search.

4. Month: Launch of first version and opening up for registrations to users, asking already contacted prospects to register and start using the protype.

5. Month: Have 1 event or collaborative land-project that was suggested, voted for and organized on the platform.

6. Month: Have 5 events or collaborative land-projects that were suggested, voted for and organized on the platform.

An iteration of the project could involve allowing people to vote with their wallets or use MANA to vote and/or to fund projects/ideas/events.

Key Metrics
Number of people that participated: 50
Number of idea-events or collaborative land-projects created: 20
Number of total votes: 200

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isn’t this what the discord is for at the moment? seems superfluous to me

Co-Creating Events & Collaborative Projects Together

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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