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Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


BeatBlox is a platform that seeks to connect artists with their
audiences through virtuality. It is firmly grounded on blockchain
technology as a vehicle to explore new dynamics of interaction and
commercialization. It was born out of the fusion of entrepreneurs from
different profiles and backgrounds, collected by their passion for arts
and technology and the determination to achieve a fairer and more
direct bond between creators and their respective communities.

Teaser video:

Please refer to our presentation:

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address



As a community, we are entering an exploration phase to review
different adoption cases for this new consumption and communication
tendencies. In this context, the opportunity arises to adjust the balance
towards certain segments that, due to lack of proper channels, have
been exploited for the last few decades. We seek to promote an ethical
and conscious evolution of virtualization and decentralization.

The commercialization scheme linked to musical NFTs is in a
speculative stage. The real value that it offers for users turns out
to be quite confusing once we dig deeper and try to go beyond the
resale possibilities and the warranty that the image associated with
them provides.

We aim to develop an ecosystem that provides the stimulus of a
scalable and sustainable bond between creators and audiences
through their interaction in Decentraland. The social element will be
the engine that powers our marketplace, where exclusive content and
presentations of our curated catalog of creators will provide added
value to the participants. Also, each user will be able to manage a
crate or personalized library that will allow him or her to showcase
their assets in the platform as well as in our virtual district, promoting
a sense of owning a unique collection, user interaction and direct
financing from communities to creators.

Our multidisciplinary team is composed by professionals that specialize
in all key areas of the productive chain: from musicians to engineers,
producers, creatives, developers and a vast array of resources
and capacities joined together by the passion of linking music with
technology, as well as the desire to contribute to the development
of interactions and flow of energy in the shape of information that
Decentraland and the whole crypto ecosystem provides.

Please refer to our documentation for further description:


BeatBlox Muisc District:

Our primary goal is to keep developing the possibilities offered by the
Metaverse, with our district in Decentraland being the main focus
of the BeatBlox expansion. We seek to develop an ecosystem that
allows artists to create additional revenue and distribution channels,
while enabling a more deep connection with their audiences. There,
users will be able to engage in expanded experiences such as virtual
concerts, events, NFT auctions, gamified content and educational
resources that will contribute to reduce the margin of adoption.

BeatBlox Music District stays loyal to the principle of content
care in regards to aesthetics and overall quality of the artwork.
This is at the core of every idea developed, from the stores to the
interactive installations and NFT associated services. We are creating
strategic alliances with music and blockchain fields referents for the
development of user focused experiences and content. By doing this,
we aim to further promote and encourage the adoption and use
of Decentraland.

Come and visit us at 40,44.

BeatBlox Marketplace and Academy:

By using Polygon and reducing minting costs significally,
we have succesfully implemented a NFTs sales and
distribution system that allows floor prices as low as USD 1.
We also gave birth to a concept in its entirety for our
Decentraland district.

In this opportunity, we are reaching out to the community
for helping us to strength the development, the promotion
and the scalability of an integral platform. This will add
value to users in the metaverse, while helping to reduce
adoption barriers for new participants

This platform will be leveraged by a marketplace with
expanded social functionalities, a curated catalog to
ensure high quality standards and an Academy to support
the adoption of new technologies linked to a further
democratized access for artists and users to the vast
opportunities that this technology provides.

Please refer to our documentation for further description:


Please refer to our documentation for a full description of our team, experience and background:

Roadmap and milestones

Please refer to our documentation for a full description of monthly goals, short to long term vision and budget breakdown:

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BeatBlox: Decentraland’s Music Platform

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BeatBlox: Decentraland’s Music Platform

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