[DAO: QmNXoS4] Implement a decentralized user block system

by 0xcf10cd8b5dc2323b1eb6de6164647756bad4de4d (Eibriel)

Inspired on ad blockers and block systems from other decentralized systems, and to ensure a good experience for all users, I propose the creation of a decentralized user block system.

  • Create a new setting on the client allowing users to add one or more URLs.
  • Update the client to query the URL with a standardized REST API about the block status of an ETH address, name, land or estate.

Anyone in the community will then be able to create their own block list servers, and help other members create theirs. The users will keep full control of what block service to use (and don’t use).

  • Implement it
  • Don’t implement it
  • Invalid question/options

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The idea is really good, what Im worried is that those users that want to hurt, immediately find a workarounds like, if account blocked, he creates a new one, use VPN, etc.

Some extras:

  • Blocking from list applied by default (and u can custom it, but maybe not necessary as who wants to see ton of spam or hateful messages?).
  • an automatic system based on report from registered users (or some selected) that can quickly make block effective.
  • Block by IP
  • Allow to request unban

Maybe not perfect, but any measure will help for sure on situations like other day on genesis plaza.

To allow users to manage the level of risk they want to take regarding to spammers that may be difficult to block in a timely way, I proposed this Safety System, inspired on VRChat: Implement a Safety System for chat, voice chat and avatar sounds

Also, some kind of Ad-Hoc block could be implemented, were if multiple people block an user in a scene, that block status is propagated to other users automatically.
Could be a suggestion “Other users are blocking Spamer#123, do you want to block it too?”.
Or a shadow banning, where the messages are collapsed “Spammer#123 sent a message click here to see it” (but not completely hidden), and voice chat muted (but can easily be unmuted).

Implement a decentralized user block system

This proposal has been PASSED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)