[DAO: Qmf187L] Add ability to bookmark your own favorite locations

by 0xf519172dc3cc531786db0db7292a51a1bcfa7d82 (favid#7d82)

As the amount of content in Decentraland grows, many users find it hard to remember the coordinates of their favorite destinations.

POIs already exist and are a great way to introduce people to new destinations, but the introduction of Personal POIs may encourage users to continue to visit and engage with their favorite destinations.

  • Yes, Personal POIs would be useful.
  • No, need for this.
  • Maybe, but would like the community to think this through more.

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I bookmark my favorites the same way I bookmark any webpage. i have a DCL dropdown in my browser and bookmark as normal. This seems unnecessary to me. I am willing to listen to how others would use this feature.

I’ve thought about this a lot, but figured someone addressed this already! Sure, one can bookmark locations on a traditional browser, but perhaps these load differently if you are “jumping from one place to another” while already in-game vs. loading a fresh URL completely?? I dunno, I could be wrong :slight_smile: Additionally, if DCL ever becomes accessible via mobile it would be a lot quicker to access a favorites. Great suggestion.

Where are we at with this development?