[DAO: QmeUMJy] Integrate subdomain names into the Avatar Naming System

by 0x4262f8bb5bd9ad132782d2a7279b532a1dc6bcbf (Wilderness)

Based off an earlier proposal by a fellow community member, Create a new smart contract for Decentraland subdomains to be NFT’s

All DCL names are subdomains of the DCL.eth domain. DCL implements a smart contract to mint a corresponding NFT for each subdomain and allow the NFT owner to claim the subdomain (in case of transfers). These NFTs are then used to identify if a user owns the name or not, and if they do, they can set it as their Avatar Name.

With a few changes, DCL can allow subdomains of the dcl names to be minted as NFTs and integrate them into the naming system to allow names like xxx.name (the corresponding ENS subdomain would be xxx.name.dcl.eth)

The Name Registry smart contract is already designed in such a way that it could theoretically work to mint subdomains for any base domain (or subdomain). Implementing this change would just require a slightly modified version of this contract to exist along with the base names. NFTs generated through new smart contracts can then be included in the naming system.

Note: if someone wants to enable subdomains for their name, they would have to transfer ownership of the name to a smart contract.

  • Allow subdomain names for DCL names to be registered
  • Do not allow it
  • Invalid question/options

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Use Case (Real Example):

I own the name Wilderness which is also the name of my Project in DCL. I want to give out free subdomain names to anyone who wants it (xxx.Wilderness), they will just have to pay the gas fees.


This is the prefect use-case in terms of forming guilds/groups and onboarding many new users who don’t own a name. I really like and admire your vision and most others fail to see what we can.


Plus name ownership at 100 Mana leaves many 3rd world country users without an option. One important factor for these subdomain names are also the ease of identity for all projects who have two or more people within their team. I gave an example of how during the Coca-Cola HQ Launch no one knew who the officials were. Wouldn’t it be great if they had names like zero.cocacola, diet.cocacola etc… upon seeing their names everyone would know straight away who they are.

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Sounds great! Voting Yes. Will be interesting to see how it can be implemented

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Employee names is another great use case. For example rather than having to register DougNFTWorld, JohnNFTWorld, JaneNFTWorld, etc. separately, it would be more ideal to allow employee names as a subdomain like Doug.NFTWorld, John.NFTWorld, Jane.NFTWorld.

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Subdomains names must be mintable on L2 Polygon. Ethereum with it’s fluctuating gas fees are enough to put people off. If I can mint dozen names for a few mana I will be more inclined to give out more names to players who don’t own a name.

Perfect idea. Employee names are another excellent use-case for this proposal.

this won’t be possible because the registry smart contract will have to execute functions from the ens registry contract, which is only available on eth chain as of now.
In an ideal world, L2 names make sense for sure.

It is possible with a new smart contract that honours the ens on L2.

Integrate subdomain names into the Avatar Naming System.

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Allow subdomain names for dcl names to be registered 99% 756,602 VP (42 votes)
  • Do not allow it 1% 4 VP (1 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 0% 0 VP (0 votes)

Integrate subdomain names into the Avatar Naming System.

This proposal has been PASSED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)