[DAO: QmSxKNL] Create a new smart contract for Decentraland subdomains to be NFT’s

by 0xbc02db030361121dd43bbb2fcbcb4f9f98c1dc7d (BoredApe)

Decentraland names are minted under .dcl.eth top level domain. When you claim (mint) a name it is displayed as yourname.dcl.eth However it is also possible to further claim (mint) names from yourname by using the https://app.ens.domains/ app

As a test I have successfully minted surprise name from kinder DCL name. This name now reads surprise.kinder. You can see it from this link below

surprise.kinder on ENS 3

Right now this name is a token only. For it to become an ERC721 NFT a new smart contract will need to written. This will make it usable within the Decentraland platform.

Why this proposal is important?

Many existing and new platforms and projects are now coming into DCL. Decentraland Metaverse is an excellent place for brand recognition, awareness, adoption, marketing, advertising. It even works for individuals and small teams.

Slowly we are seeing the formations of guilds, groups, teams, friends, families, fans and much more. The idea behind this new proposal is only the make things more fun, exciting while adding another utility to names.

Each event is just getting bigger and better with more players coming in. The most recent CocaCola event was totally epic. So I thought to my self wouldn’t it be fun if the CocaCola team members all had names? for example imagine they are named diet.cocacola, zerosugar.cocacola, vanilla.cocacola and so on. Straight away you would know who the official representatives are because of their name. Many other example can be given. However it does not have to be a company or a business’s. It can be fan based groups. Let’s say a group of females are super into Bratz and they can have the names meygan.bratz, yasmin.bratz and cloe.bratz.

Subdomains can be minted directly from ens domain website. Although all the names are NFT’s the subdomains on the other hand are only tokens. For the subdomains to become NFT’s a new smart-contract has to be created.

This will allow all subdomains to be easily used, transferred, traded just like any other NFT

Main usage for dcl subdomains

  • Guilds, Groups
  • Friends, Families
  • Businesses, Brands
  • Platforms, Projects
  • Games, Events
  • Giveaways, Prizes

Please vote “YES” or “NO”

  • Yes
  • No
  • Invalid question/options

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Maybe not even need a new contract. But I think is a great idea for unique names for people that cannot afford 100 MANA. So at least to allow showing subdomains as Avatar names e.g. “hello.pablo” from “hello.pablo.dcl.eth”

Users feel more attached to game when they have an unique name, currently registering a name in decentraland is too expensive for most of the people, and making registration cheaper could not be good for people that already payed 100MANA. So subdomains could be a good solution.

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How would you handle casing of subdomains? Currently ENS domains are all lowercase but the DCL names contract allows for casing, so users can register names like CocaCola, although the ENS that represents it is cocacola.dcl.eth. If I registered the subdomain ‘diet’ using https://app.ens.domains for the CocaCola DCL name, how would you display that name inworld? diet.CocaCola doesn’t look very good, but also diet.cocacola would not match the case sensitive parent CocaCola. Or we could also allow the functionality for casing in the subdomains (you would need to register from a decentraland dapp instead of app.ens.domains) so you can register something like “Diet.CocaCola”