[DAO: Qmeoqqg] Add the location 128,32 to the Points of Interest

by 0xd1c6250067f5d1e38c409b0ce6dd581a145e528b (ArtNifties)

Parcel 128,32

Should the scene located at 128,32 be added to the Point of Interest list?


This scene hosts NFT giveaway events every Sunday with a chance to win a free POAP and a free NFT digital art piece. It is envisaged that there will be more collaborations with other NFT creators to promote their work via giveaways.

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Hey guys, it’s ArtNifties here. I’m currently planning to call the POI “Art Nifties NFT Grab” if we can get enough votes to proceed. Happy to brainstorm some ideas if anyone else would like to comment :smile:

Weekly event details below. Over 100++ going each week :slight_smile: