[DAO: QmdbJpY] Scaling Filmrare to acquire titles, create wearables, and onboard filmmakers

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


Filmrare has established a stream of content that has brought people together to watch movies in a metaverse movie theater that behaves a lot like real-world cinemas. Our core philosophy/principle has been to always acquire rights to screen content. This might be slow but it ensures that the creator/rights owners are onboarded to DCL, are compensated for their work, and spread awareness. We have spent hours building relationships with independent filmmakers and rights owners. We don’t want to stop here and make this effort a scalable/profitable venture so that it’s recognized as a genuine venue to consume content. This grant will keep us alive until we turn profitable.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address



The first thing we did to expand was to partner with projects that align with our philosophy. Hence, we moved into SciArtLab where we have scaled into a cineplex with 6 floors including 3 floors with movie screens. SciArtLab has been a major support in marketing our vision to fellow DCL players. Check out the district http://district.sciartlab.com/

We are also building partnerships with rights owners from the entertainment industry. Some of the people that we have acquired from are

  1. Wave Films - http://wave-films.com/

  2. IndieRights -https://www.indierights.com/

  3. NewGen Entertainment - https://www.newgenentertainment.it/

  4. Josh Stifter - https://twitter.com/joshstifter

  5. Bitjoin Studios -https://twitter.com/bitjoin

New partners in the pipeline

  1. GlobalFlix - https://www.globalflix.tv/globalflix-studios

  2. TVCO - https://www.tvco.eu/

  3. Minerva Pictures - https://www.minervapicturesinternational.com/

  4. Underground Film Festival - https://twitter.com/Underground_FF

As mentioned before we acquire rights to screen the film. This effort is making two important changes

  1. We’re establishing a sanitized process to become the default movie theater in DCL

  2. We’re establishing a new rights category never used before called “Meta Rights” where we pick the rights to screen content for a limited number of runs during a period by paying an acquisition fee. This will become a standard going forward in the industry.

The process to pick titles: Since, we handpick content we have a lengthy conversation with the rights owner where we explain metaverse, Decentraland, and what a movie theater looks like in DCL. We invite them for a private screening to experience it. We educate them about the future of metaverse, VR, and crypto. We also push to use the “Meta Rights” that don’t conflict with existing rights. We too learn about the industry’s biases and prejudices making us to better navigate the conversation.

The process to screen: We have a manual process to screen the movie at a particular time and we focus our effort during the UTC evenings when the activity is the highest. Our shows usually start at 6 PM UTC. We manually screen the films that are delivered to the screen, we also are working on a DRM tech to prevent screen capture during the show to prevent bootlegging.

The process to market: We are hyperfocused on DCL as our prime platform. We spend time in DCL discord promoting the events that we create on the event page. We also have a growing community in SciArtLab where we have a Filmrare channel and do Twitter Spaces at least once a month. We are building https://filmrare.com and starting work on SEO.

The process to monetize: We aim to be self-sustainable in 6 months. Our monetization is split into these 3 categories

  1. Wearable Access: We have Theater 1 specifically allowing access through buying a wearable that gives you lifetime access. Our first wearable is already live

  2. Blue-chip NFT project access - We are planning to market to blue-chip NFT projects and sell early access wearables to members to leverage the community.

  3. Space rental - We’re talking to potential entertainment/creative companies/Projects that are looking to have a metaverse presence and allow them to rent space in Filmrare. We have growing foot traffic of about 1000-1500 players per week already.


Our Filmrare scene is already live at 2,55. Our monthly tasks and the cost associated are below

  1. Founder Salary - $1500
  2. Metaverse movie projectionist salary - $750
  3. Rental - $1200
  4. Cost of rights acquisition - $3000 - $5000
  5. Cost of wearable creation - $500 - $1000
  6. Cost of Video Streaming/Storage - $500
  7. Cost of creatives/marketing - $500

Total = $10,450

We have events almost every day. Our next immediate event is Find out if Tom can find the mystery behind Scootercoin - Filmrare Movie | Decentraland Events

Our sample “Meta Rights Agreement” is shared here MetaRightsSample.pdf - Google Drive


Filmrare was started as a single-screen cinema by Ravi Krishnan in January. We have already been given a successful grant for the month of March & April. To keep the content supply fresh in Filmrare-Cinematheque by acquisition

My profile can also be checked here



Our Filmrare Twitter → https://twitter.com/filmrareNFT

Our SciArtLab discord community is vibrant and growing. We get a lot of support from the members. SciArt Lab

Roadmap and milestones

Our roadmap is to screen at least 5 movies in a month starting May. Our April content is already filled with 4 movies that we have acquired. This fund will ensure our content supply until September.

Our second milestone is to sell 1000 access wearable by July. https://market.decentraland.org/contracts/0x2371015f90f14b64f79e280577a7152a4797ff14/items/0

Our third milestone is to onboard/rent space to at least four companies/projects in our scene by June.

Our fourth milestone is to bring a film festival to DCL by July either by a partnership or as our own endeavor.

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Scaling Filmrare to acquire titles, create wearables, and onboard filmmakers

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Scaling Filmrare to acquire titles, create wearables, and onboard filmmakers

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