[DAO: Qmc6fwr] Proposal for the Decentraland Foundation to receive deploy permissions on road parcels

by 0x9982b469910c2ee2ea566dcfcc250cdd34056397 (MrEric)


A proposal to the DAO to grant the Decentraland Foundation deployment permissions on Road parcels for the purpose of deploying content for public events like the upcoming Pride Parade.


During the initial development of the platform, roads were set aside as public spaces to aid content discovery and open exploration of the virtual world. Currently, all of the LAND parcels that make up public roads within Decentraland are owned by the Decentraland DAO. Only the DAO has the permissions to deploy content to these parcels.

By authorizing an externally owned account (EOA) operated by the Decentraland Foundation to become an “update manager” of the DAO’s LAND and Estates, the Foundation would be able to deploy content and experiences for everyone to enjoy.


Enabling the Decentraland Foundation to deploy content to public road parcels provides several benefits:

  • Public events are increasing in popularity, boosted by the content built by the Decentraland Foundation. These events help to grow the Decentraland community and to build awareness and excitement for the entire platform. Increasing the LAND available to the Foundation would increase the reach and impact of these events.
  • Specifically, the Decentraland Foundation is hosting a Pride Parade in June to celebrate and promote the rights of LGBTQ+ people and communities. As with physical Pride Parades, Decentraland’s parade should be held on public roads. The Foundation needs access to these parcels to deploy the floats and decorations for the event.
  • In addition to events, the Decentraland Foundation can use these deployment permissions to keep public roads up-to-date with interesting and engaging content.
  • An example of another feature that the Foundation could deploy on roads is a tram system linking the major areas of the map. This tram system has already been built, and only needs to be deployed to public roads to make it available. A demo of the tram system can be seen here.


Assign an EOA owned by the Decentraland Foundation with the address 0x462ab09f1a75786E0c54ced394E0fB537Af03734 “update manager” permissions for all of the DAO’s LAND and Estates.

Ownership of these parcels would be maintained by the DAO, and the deployment permissions may be revoked from the Decentraland Foundation at any time via another vote in the DAO. Granting “update manager” permissions for the DAO’s LAND to this EOA does not grant it the right to transfer or sell the DAO’s LAND.

  • Grant the Foundation “update manager” permissions for the DAO’s LAND and Estates
  • Deny the Foundation “update manager” permissions for the DAO’s LAND and Estates

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