[DAO:k3yzgxa] Integrate Metanomic Economy Design and Analytics for Decentraland Builders

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Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


Integrate the Metanomic Economic Engine, which helps creators build, balance and run sustainable and profitable metaverse economies and the Metanomic Thunderstruck AI-powered player insights tool to understand users behaviour and motivations through on and off-chain data intelligence, with the Decentraland ecosystem.

Grant size

240,000 USD

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Metanomic helps web3 creators make smarter decisions from the evolving stories that data tells about what keeps people engaged in the Metaverse - after all, human attention is the key scarce resource everyone is competing for in web3. We do this through:

Helping platforms (like Decentraland) and their creators, understand their users through our unique AI classification platform, to improve liveops, monetisation, user lifetime value and retention.*
Providing the gaming and metaverse industry with the only liveops runtime tool for sustainable game economy ideation, creation, simulation & testing, deployment, and ongoing management and maintenance.

We do this with our two core products, the Metanomic Economy Engine and the Metanomic Thunderstruck AI Data Analytics Platform.


A full runtime, real-time, economy engine that plugs into any game, that anyone can use to:

Simply and easily build an entire game economy in minutes rather than months
Simulate their economy,
Deploy at the click of a button,
Balance and update game economy states in real-time,
Feed analytics back to creators and owners,
Segment users and run simulations based on economy changes.

This means, games, metaverse platforms, defi projects, and digital experiences can now transition away from spreadsheets, high-risk timescales, and capital requirements, to our run-time platform.


Allows web3 platforms and creators to:

Classify and categorise any user data for any industry (on and off chain), to enable hyper-segmentation for a massive range of use cases using:

  • First-party data - Data collected from website visits, CRM systems, social media, subscriptions, mobile, and apps.
  • Second-party data - Derived from a mutually beneficial relationships with another entities (partners, suppliers, etc.).
  • Third-party data - From on chain and from web2 websites and social media platforms that can be used to reach a wider audience and augment first-party data to increase scale and reach and improve personalisation.

Because of our Economy Engine, we are creating a new source of active data that no-one else in the world has access to and intelligence from. This economy data can feed in to the AI to provide the highest-quality classifications of users for the entire gaming industry to empower LiveOps campaigns, advertising & marketing, increasing Ad Delivery revenue generation, and so much more.

As a result, we have the best AI platform on the market to:

Enrich any data, (1st, 2nd, or 3rd party data),
Classify and categorise data and contextual behaviours at scale,
Feed creators’ own data back to them to further optimise their experiences for more engagement and retention.


By combining Engine’s ability to manage economic instances with Thunderstruck’s ability to turn those economic instances into actionable insights, which can in turn be used to further optimise economic instances to maximise player retention and engagement in terms of both time and money spent in play and platform, we can help Decentraland, and its creators to design and run more fun, and more profitable metaverse expenses to convert intrinsic value into shared extrinsic value and virtuous cycles for all parties.


Thunderstruck version 1 is already live.

Engine version 1 launches on the 1st of September 2022.

See our product demo here: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Engine product outline: https://www.notion.so/metanomic/The-Economy-Engine-b6e3b6ca58a14669a8d420acc1727650

Thunderstruck product outline: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Data connection catalogue (what kind of data our platform can handle): http://eventcatalog.metanomic.net/

Tech architecture map: Metanomic - Shareable Solution Architecture - Google Slides

Our primary focus now is to place these powerful tools into the hands of the Web3 creator economy by partnering with key metaverse players and platforms - like Decentraland. We want our tools to help Decentraland’s community to be able to build, create and optimise the Web3 attention economy.


Theo Priestley
20 Year Technology Executive
Author and international speaker
Startup Mentor at HTC ViveX, Alchemist Metaverse Strategist for brands and startups

Evangelos Pappas
Over 15 years experience
Blockchain engineer, full stack developer, co- founder Ocyan (exited)

Elton Savvio Britto
PRINCIPAL GAME DESIGNER Over 10 years experience

Bronwyn Williams
10 years financial experience
Commercial experience in blockchain launches across South Africa, author, keynote speaker
Masters in Economics and Game Theory

Nikos Tzagkarakis
Over 6 years experience Bayesian, Deep Learning engineer

Andrew Wailes
Over 5 years experience in B2B sales

Roadmap and milestones

Key milestones:

Q2 - launch Thunderstruck for gaming player classifications (DONE)
Q3 - launch Engine game balancing (for free) to the community
Q4 - launch Engine simulations and link Engine instances into Thunderstruck insights
Q1 - launch Thunderstruck for general consumer retention and engagement classifications
Q2 - loop Thunderstruck insights back into Engine to create dynamic loyalty (attention and engagement loops for games and general metaverse / web3 participants)

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How did your team arrive at the maximum grant amount?

Could you offer a breakdown as to how the funds would be allocated?


Similar to what social platforms like Facebook/Instagram have for what I’ve understood from this proposal. Personally not a fan of this.

I also share this question:

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Surveillance capitalism with a bunch of buzzwords to hide its pungent odor? This is a hard no for me. Surveillance capitalism is at the root of lot of what made late web1 and web2 so terrible. We also have entirely too many ad towers and abandoned ad displays in-world as it is. In my opinion, this kind of proposal needs to be killed with the most extreme prejudice possible.


While I could potentially see this benefitting unestablished, centralized platforms with a focus on virtual economies, I don’t think this has any use case for Decentraland. We already have a robust and sustainable economy here in DCL. We’ve performed quite well throughout the bear market and I believe we will continue to do so.

Our marketplace DAPP already provides most of the information you offer regarding sales data. The user data doesn’t seem important to me at all. Additionally the platform doesn’t focus too much on advertising, so collecting that data would not serve much purpose.

The lack of a breakdown of funds is also very concerning to me. I have no choice but to vote NO on this grant proposal.


Interesting proposal. Would love to see a breakdown of budget. Voting no for now, I’m always suspicious of maxed out grant requests.

Integrate Metanomic Economy Design and Analytics for Decentraland Builders

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 316 VP (19 votes)
  • No 99% 3,892,776 VP (36 votes)