[DAO:f5c2b3f] Update #3 for proposal "Community NFT TCG Framework"

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Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


This month’s work has been focused around implementing peer-to-peer networking for the NFT Trading Card Game Framework. This new addition allows players to see the moves of other players fighting against the AI player, as well as fight against each other. Over the month of October we’ll be setting up the game server.


Here’s a quick breakdown of what has been accomplished this month:

  • Implemented peer-to-peer networking (synced/serialised cards, decks, and table moves)
  • NFT ownership verification (players who own/wear DCL wearables get extra cards unlocked, laid the foundation for testing OpenSea ownership [host require their own API key])
  • Continued restructure of keywords/status effects
  • Continued polish of demo assets/scene

The project was also showcased in a town-hall meeting this month, providing the community with an opportunity to test out the project (and giving us tons of great feedback)!


No blockers have been encountered so far.

Next steps

Over the next month we’ll be working on setting up the game server, which will include:

  • Mirrored game logic/anti-cheat
  • Account Persistence (saves player’s decks/card sets)
  • Account Progression (players each experience by completing games/levels unlock new cards)

Additional notes and links

You can play the most recent stable version of the TCG’s demo scene here:
Click To Play

Additional info can be found in the DAO provided discord channel (nft-tcg-trading-card-game)!

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