[DAO:f5c2b3f] Update #2 for proposal "Community NFT TCG Framework"

Author: 0xc24789c6f165329290ddd3fbeac3b6842a294003
Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


This month we’ve been focusing on developing the local interfaces for the NFT Trading Card Game Framework. Over the next week or so development focus will shift towards implementing peer-to-peer net code that will allow players to battle each other at card tables.


Here’s a quick breakdown of what has been accomplished this month:

  • created data structure to handle cards, factions, keywords, decks, & players
  • created the majority of the required demo assets (card frames, characters, effects, etc.)
  • created deck manager/builder (players can create custom decks, load/save them, and use them at card tables to battle the AI)
  • created card tables (contains decks for players, players can play cards from hand to field, etc.)
  • implemented a basic PvE AI (still WIP for spells)


No blockers have been encountered so far.

Next steps

Over the next month we’ll be adding peer-to-peer networking to the framework, as well as polishing/optimizing the existing code base & assets.

Additional notes and links

Additional info can be found in the DAO provided discord channel (nft-tcg-trading-card-game)!

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