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Stoney Eye Studios-Music and Art Growth Update #2

Greetings everyone,


-Equipment Upgrade and Setup Redo: This month, I embarked on the journey of acquiring new equipment and revamping my setup. It turned out to be a more substantial undertaking than I initially anticipated.

-MoBeatz: Lo Fyah Edition on Sep 3rd. During the event, I collaborated with attendees and incorporated samples from NFT Bubblegum and Billy Teacoin to create a LoFi song.

-DCL Emote Party: Sep. 7th: I had the honor of hosting a 2-hour DJ set for the 1-year anniversary of the community-made emotes at the DCL Emote party.

-Mo Fyah Mondays: Throughout the month, I consistently hosted Mo Fyah Mondays, with the exception of the 18th which was taking off to dedicate time to prepare for TRU Band Room’s upcoming move. As a special highlight, I marked the end of an era by performing the last Mo Fyah Monday at our current location on the 25th, in anticipation of the move scheduled for October.

-DG Set Sep. 2nd: I also had the opportunity to perform a set for DG.

-Mo Beatz with Guest Producer KeenKeen Sep. 17th: One of the standout moments of the month was having KeenKeen as the guest producer for a memorable edition of Mo Beatz.

-Creative Contributions: In addition to my musical performances, I dedicated time to create three custom artworks for the SHOAP’s at Mo Fyah Mondays. Additionally, I produced eight promotional videos for MoBeatz and released recap videos for each
MoBeatz event this month.

Furthermore 192 Music and Art NFT’s were distributed between MoFyah Mondays and MoBeatz further enhancing our engagement with the community.

It’s been a busy and rewarding month, and I’m looking forward to what the future holds as we continue to evolve and grow in our endeavors.


I did have to send back the new computer I purchased because there was an issue with the fans so I’m still waiting for it to be reshipped out.

Next steps

-Continue to revamp equipment setup.
-Book guest producer
-Make more promotional material for events
-Organize IRL DCL event
-Make artwork for SHOAP’s
-Make music NFT’s for MoBeatz attendees
-Live DJ performances

Additional notes and links

Working on an amazing IRL event with 2 beloved fellow DCL DJ’s that will be streamed live into Decentraland in October.

Some links of events this month
MoFyah Mondays

Emote Party


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