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Stoney Eye Studios-Music and Art Growth Update
Greetings everyone,
We’re excited to provide you with a recap of the electrifying events that took place throughout August 2023. This month was filled with a myriad of remarkable occasions that brought the community together and celebrated the power of music, art, and camaraderie.


MoBeatz - August 6th
Kicking off the month with a bang, MoBeatz featured the exceptional talent of guest producer Brandon Manus. The event drew in music enthusiasts creating an atmosphere that resonated with rhythm and innovation. The beats were infectious, and the energy was palpable, making it a night to remember.

MoFyah Mondays - Every Monday at TRU Band Room
Throughout the month, every Monday was transformed into a blaze of fiery rhythms and captivating melodies at the TRU band room for MoFyah Mondays. The highlight came on August 7th, marking the 1-year anniversary of MoFyah Mondays. To commemorate this milestone, Stoney crafted a Legendary wearable that embodied the essence of the event. A hundred lucky attendees were able to claim this wearable, solidifying their connection to the legacy of MoFyah Mondays.

MoFyah 1 Year Event Video Recap

DoWowTV Party - August 22
August 22nd witnessed the vibrant extravaganza of the DoWowTV party. The event was a testament to the power of visual and auditory delight, bringing people together for a night of exhilarating entertainment and unforgettable memories.

Babydoll Party - August 23
Stoney’s creative prowess was on full display at the Babydoll Party on August 23rd. Custom artwork adorned the venue, setting the stage for an immersive experience. Attendees were further treated to an exclusive wearable featuring Stoney’s artwork, adding a touch of uniqueness to the event.

Babydoll Dollhouse Takeover Event Video Recap

DG Iced Out Friday - August 25
The beats continued to flow on August 25th at DG Iced Out Friday, where Stoney took the stage and kept the crowd entertained with an electrifying performance that resonated with the essence of the event.

Vroomway’s Social Friday - August 25
Simultaneously, on the same night, Stoney brought his dynamic talent and DJ set to Vroomway’s Social Friday event. The fusion of music and social interaction created an ambiance that was both engaging and memorable.

Vroomway Video Recap

Sins B-Day Event - August 27
Celebrating Sins’ birthday on August 27th was a unique endeavor. Stoney orchestrated a collaborative musical masterpiece, incorporating vocals and samples from the community. The culmination of this endeavor was the creation of an NFT-backed song, which was generously airdropped to all party attendees.

MrD UnMonday Party - August 28
Wrapping up the month with a dose of creativity and fun, the MrD UnMonday Party on August 28th was a fitting conclusion. Stoney’s presence added a layer of excitement, making sure that the event was a resounding success.

Moreover, in a show of appreciation and creativity, Stoney gifted 251 SHOAP’s, each adorned with original artwork, to event attendees. This unique gesture further solidified the bond between Stoney and the community, leaving a lasting impression on all who were part of these incredible events.

August 2023 was indeed a month to remember. These events brought together a community bound by music, art, and shared experiences. As we look forward to what the future holds, let’s continue to celebrate creativity and unity in all our endeavors.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates and events in the coming months!

Much Love


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Next steps

-Upgrade equipment
-Onboard more guest producers
-Continue to provide music entertainment for DCL
-Continue to gift original artwork (NFT) for MoFyah Mondays

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