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Hi all,

This is a follow up to the proposal I made last week. I apologize for the confusion last time as I had written “Community Feedback” for both options hoping to get feed back before a vote.

I’ve incorporated additional comments and made clearer that this proposal is only for the creation of a Land Integrity Advisory Board and a LIAB Lead. The ideas in the proposal are just draft ideas that have been discussed. Feel free to comment on those proposals in the comments section though if you wish. But the genesis of this proposal is to make sure that land owners’ interests are being adequately considered at the DAO level and hopefully the Foundation level as well. I think having a point person who can disseminate info to the community that has been vetted by a LIAB will give land owners some comfort.

I am nominating myself for the role of LIAB Lead. If anyone would like to interview me for that role and/or nominate themselves for the role that is completely reasonable.

Hopefully the link works this time:


  • This is a good idea
  • This is a bad idea
  • I have questions (please ask in comments)
  • Invalid question/options

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Please post the proposal here, I don’t want to have to click a link to read the proposal

It is a PDF file. Can I drop it in Discord? or get this to the community in some other way?

New attempt to share link…

It would be great if the people with questions could write them in the comments section. I’ll try to reply to those questions there as well. Thanks

take pictures of the pdf and attach them to the post, people don’t like clicking links so going to hurt the chances people give you a chance.


I am not sure what this does and if you didn’t take the time to write it out and construct this post correctly. I am already lacking confidence that you will be able to fulfill this job as well as why we even need this in the first place? You can’t control what people put on their land, This is web3. I am against this.

Hi Tudamoon, I will do as Jar0d advises and take screen shots and post those here in the comments later today. I am not arguing or recommending a change in the protocol that allows anyone to put whatever they want on their lands. The proposal relates to the confusion left in the market re: land values if anyone can have a DCL Worlds w/out the need to own land. While land owners generally support DCL Worlds as-is (with the existing limitations), land owners are concerned about what happens to the value of Genesis City parcels which have significant development constraints, versus an unconstrained DCL Worlds when the limitations are lifted. The LIAB is meant to help find the correct balance. If you’d be open to allowing me to present the proposal in full to you I’d be happy to.

Yes please, I do believe you have the ability to delete this proposal.

I like the idea of having a group to communicate needs of land owners/DCLWorld owners.

I don’t like the concept of self-nomination. If this position were created, I would imagine it would go through the same (tedious) process that other committee members must go through so we can choose the best qualified individual.

I would agree with Canessa.

Interesting proposal concept but not a fan of the self-noination.

I would like to nominate myself to be the chair of the community Blocked committee… no reason.

I agree there should be a process. I should clarify that there is a significant amount of land ownership voting power (5M+) behind my nomination as well - it’s not a pure self-nomination. I had my credentials in the original proposal, but someone asked that I remove them. I have a significant amount of land, so my incentives are aligned with other land owners. I have had a 20+ year career in real estate / land / finance. I have a very good understanding of asset values and how land can be positioned to have the potential to appreciate with further exacerbating the barrier to entry.

But Canessa, if you’d like to learn a little more about me and where this is all coming from I would love to set up an introduction to present what I have been working on for the past few months.

Sorry with = ** without end of first para

Thanks for working on this. Would this require any DAO funding, are these paid positions?


This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • This is a good idea 88% 6,922,343 VP (254 votes)
  • This is a bad idea 1% 11,298 VP (7 votes)
  • I have questions (please ask in comments) 1% 6,522 VP (19 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 10% 835,033 VP (13 votes)


This proposal has been PASSED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbef99f5f55cf7cdb3a70998c57061b7e1386a9b0)