[DAO:eff0f47] Should Grant Request Proposals require at least 100 VP to submit?

by 0x0636211443e91468ee3657e1d7faede7059c4843 (Nathan)

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Should Grant Request Proposals require at least 100 VP to submit?


This Draft Proposal aims to add a 100 VP requirement for Grant Request submissions.


Grants Program :

The Decentraland DAO possesses a MANA fund that has been set aside to help sponsor and facilitate the continual growth of the Decentraland platform. One avenue used by the DAO to achieve these goals is a Grants Program that was voted in place by the community.

This Grants Program allows any member of the community to request funding to help reimburse their efforts in community building and education, creating 3D content for the world, or implementing new features and improvements to the platform.

Grants can be requested by completing a Proposal form within the DAO. If approved by the community, then the DAO Committee will execute the transfer of funds to the grant beneficiary by means of a one-time transfer, or a vesting contract.

VP :

Voting Power is represented as “VP”. MANA, LAND, NAMEs & (𝘴𝘦𝘭𝘦𝘤𝘵) L1 Wearables contribute to your total Voting Power as follows:

  • 1 MANA contributes 1 VP
  • 1 NAME contributes 100 VP
  • 1 LAND parcel contributes 2000 VP
  • Wearable rarity ; Uncommon: 1 VP, Rare: 5 VP, Epic: 10 VP, Legendary: 100 VP, Mythic: 1000 VP


Currently, any wallet can request up to $240,000 from the Decentraland DAO with zero investment in the platform. A VP requirement may reduce ‘opportunistic’ Grant Requests and help alleviate voter fatigue.

A 100 VP requirement would disincentive Grant Requests being submitted by bots or users who have no real stake in Decentraland. Also, it could help encourage participation in the DAO by setting a minimum level of engagement that must be met before a Grant can be requested.


A 100 VP requirement, same as Pre-Proposal Polls, would be added to Grant Requests.

This will be informed to users on the Governance dApp - ‘This action requires at least 100 VP. Buy MANA to get VP, or run for delegation.’

*100 VP is a roughly $60 investment (current rate), of which could also be acquired through delegation.


A 100 VP requirement for Grant Requests intends to prevent bot submissions and ensure users have ‘skin in the game’.

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Vote: NO
Until there is a proposed method of accounting for contributions other than financial, for accruing VP, I will continue to vote no on a 100 VP minimum requirement to submit.

There are other methods to deter bots and 0 stake holders from posting Grant Requests that would still be inclusive to a majority of people from different socio-economic strata and from countries with different individual freedoms.

The snapshot.org website has a section that explains “Voting Strategies” from which each space can select between 1 and 8. These can be used to calculate VP for offchain voting using Snapshot.

There are also a multitude of “Validations” that can be used to help ensure that there are people and not bots voting on proposals.

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I would like to see a nonmonetary aspect to this Proposal , I have suggested the addition of 100 active in world hours. Time is a commodity too.

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The non monetary aspect is easy, if they don’t have VP, they just need delegation from someone with a name.
If you cannot get delegation from a single person with a name, then you probably won’t be able to achieve your grant anyway.


not a suitable answer I will vote no for now until a better answer is presented

Thank you for your suggestion @SinfulMeatStick. In regards to non-monetary contributions, personally I think time spent in-world isn’t a good requirement when it comes to Grant Requests. I believe a small requirement of 100 VP would be a good starting point.

I agree that we should have a minimum of 100vp to vote on proposals.

I’d like to clarify that there’s a difference between a voter and a participant. Anyone can participate in DCL, be it exploring, or even being a creator. But to be able to vote in matters that affect the ecosystem comes with responsibility, and the minimal way to show that is to be financially vested.

A good example would be that only citizens are allowed to vote, not tourists. The former contributes both time and money into his/her country. Since we can’t readily quantify the amount of time that a person spends in DCL contributing( not afking), the other more straightforward alternative is being financially vested.

My vote is no.
The 100 VP requirement could inadvertently create an environment where only a few large stakeholders have the power to propose grants, which could lead to centralization and an imbalance of influence within the community.

A minimum VP requirement can be beneficial in some ways, but it is essential to strike a balance that encourages responsible voting while still promoting inclusivity and diversity within the community.

Uhh its 100 vp, not 100k.

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‘commodity’ is a really sexy word.

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I think you should have to have a DCL name to have a voice in the DAO.


I agree that in order to make a proposal one must at least have some stake in DCL, whether that be name, MANA or LAND. Each one provides a different tier that almost anyone can afford. Even me. I would like to know if, in the past 12 months, anyone without a name has actually submitted a good grant, and if this would preclude them from continuing to participate. I doubt the number would be significant and we have the avenue of delegation to help with that. On the other hand I have seen quite a few junk proposals from people without names, and wild proposals from people who are not engaged in the community or even familiar with how DCL works. We should not give VP or any other incentive for time spent in-world. Time is a commodity but we should first focus on those who spend time building experiences, businesses that exponentially leverage the "time in world’ formula by bringing in new users week after week.


And having a NAME gives u 100vp, which is the minimum requirement that we are referring to here. So barrier to entry is neither exhorbitant, nor non-existent.

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Should Grant Request Proposals require at least 100 VP to submit?

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 57% 4,148,201 VP (111 votes)
  • No 43% 3,241,209 VP (24 votes)