[DAO:ed0b55e] Strategic Finance ($StratFi): Merging GameFi and DeFi visioning frictionless UX

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We’re enrouting on an exciting venture called “Strategic Finance,” where the worlds of DeFi and gaming collide. Picture a space where users can snag virtual land plots, forming squares that hold untapped financial possibilities. With strategic gameplay and token empowerment, we’re reimagining how finance and gaming come together, aiming to reshape experiences and bring unique value to users. We’re eager to secure support for this project’s growth and potential impact.

Grant size

10,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

2 months

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Our project, “Strategic Finance,” stands as a unique fusion of decentralized finance (DeFi) and gaming, offering manifold benefits to the Decentraland platform. By introducing gamified financial activities within a virtual land ownership framework, we’re addressing several critical aspects that contribute to the growth and vitality of the Decentraland ecosystem.

  1. Bridging DeFi and Gaming: “Strategic Finance” pioneers the integration of DeFi concepts with gaming, opening doors to an entirely new dimension of user engagement. This innovative approach fosters an inclusive environment where users can explore financial strategies while enjoying the thrill of gaming.

  2. Enhanced Engagement: Our project enhances user engagement within Decentraland by providing interactive financial experiences. Users are drawn to the platform not only for virtual land ownership but also for the opportunity to participate in captivating gamified activities that yield financial rewards.

  3. Cross-Pollination of Communities: “Strategic Finance” creates a unique space where the DeFi and gaming communities converge. This cross-pollination of communities enriches the user base, bringing in individuals who may not have previously explored the Decentraland platform.

  4. Gamified Financial Learning: Through interactive gaming, users can learn about financial concepts, DeFi strategies, and tokenomics in an engaging manner. This educational component is vital for onboarding newcomers to the world of blockchain and decentralized finance.

  5. Nurturing the Metaverse Ecosystem: Our project amplifies the potential of the Decentraland metaverse by expanding its utility beyond virtual land ownership. With gamified financial activities, users spend more time within the platform, fostering a vibrant and active ecosystem.

  6. Showcasing Decentraland’s Versatility: “Strategic Finance” demonstrates the versatility of the Decentraland platform. It showcases its adaptability to innovative use cases, proving its potential as a hub for various applications beyond virtual real estate.

  7. Attracting a Diverse User Base: Our project has the capacity to attract a diverse range of users – from avid gamers to DeFi enthusiasts. This diversity not only enriches the community but also strengthens the sustainability of the Decentraland ecosystem.

Roadmap and milestones

Here’s a high-level 8-week roadmap for the “Strategic Finance”:

Week 1-2: Project Setup and Smart Contracts

  • Repository setup, communication channels
  • Development of virtual land plot smart contracts

Week 3-4: User Interface and Gamification

  • User interface design and development kickoff
  • Designing gamified mechanics for financial activities

Week 5-6: Audits, Testing, and Community Engagement

  • Smart contract audits and refinements
  • Integration with testing networks for user testing
  • Community engagement strategies initiation

Week 7: Marketing and User Onboarding

  • Launching marketing campaigns for awareness
  • Creation of user-friendly onboarding resources

Week 8: Metrics Tracking, Launch, and Improvement

  • Setting up of metrics and analytics tools
  • Official launch of “Strategic Finance” platform
  • Continuous improvement based on user feedback

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Your ‘Strategic Finance’ project seems poised to ride the next wave by seamlessly blending DeFi and gaming. A futuristic vision indeed.

Much appreciated, just lowering cortisol here :smiley:

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This looks fire. This is what future of finance and gaming looks like. Absolutely loved the concept. All the best mate.

Thank you so much, would love to build more :partying_face:

Why does the above conversation look like a single person replying to themselves/ bots?

You do realise we can see that its your first time posting, right?

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What am I going to benefit from that sir?

getting a grant obviously. Has the team had any previous works the can show?

I would not say same person, but a group of friends that know each other IRL and trying to pump their project.

Yes sure,

1. Airdropr
2. Mobland NFT Marketplace
3. Alpha

Oh my lord, i don’t even know them sire

Hi there - please build an MVP of the game before asking for grants - thanks.

I do have it sire:

Website: https://stratfi.netlify.app/
Website (BNB): https://bnb-stratfi.netlify.app/

Youtube: https://youtu.be/zmFqgIE8lfQ
Pitch Deck: https://www.canva.com/design/DAFrC0YzAIA/QjSwKEHSlOuDyp9-tZSy6Q/edit
Medium Blog: Strategic Finance. Here’s a potential! | by Ishaan Parmar | Aug, 2023 | Medium

Come on, I don’t want to expose you but I know you all three registered at the same time and you are all from the same city…

Pls go ahead sir, prove me wrong.

Strategic Finance ($StratFi): Merging GameFi and DeFi visioning frictionless UX.

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