[DAO:ec44769] [BID-0014] DAO Moderators Team

by 0x6c575a45b37ba732103a65cb244c7024316c1d82 (ShazB#1d82)

Should funds from the DAO Treasury be allocated to finance a new community-led project addressing issues outlined herein?

Linked Tender Proposal

Moderation Team


24,000 USD

Project duration

12 months

Delivery Date

Jun 02, 2024

Beneficiary address


Email address



Our initiative involves forming a specialized team, including skilled community members and moderators, to manage and enforce the Code of Ethics (CoE) across DAO discord and forums. This team will develop transparent and fair guidelines for addressing CoE violations. We will maintain a public log of all actions related to the CoE and deliver monthly updates to keep the community informed. Additionally, we will proactively manage channels to effectively deter spam and scams. We will also conduct regular reviews of the CoE, incorporating community feedback to facilitate necessary enhancements. Our ultimate objective is to cultivate a supportive and ethical environment for all Decentraland DAO participants. The team includes three members: two full-time members working 10 hours each and one part-time member working 4 hours, ensuring a “follow the sun” model with approximately 24-hour coverage.

Roadmap and milestones

Our journey begins with a dedicated team of moderators committed to promoting a positive community environment within the Decentraland DAO. We are a team chosen for our expertise in community management and moderation. Our goal is to develop clear guidelines and procedures that uphold the Code of Ethics, ensuring they deeply resonate with what is most important to our community. Once established, these guidelines will be implemented across all platforms, clarifying everyone’s roles and our approach to enforcing these rules transparently and equitably. We will maintain open communication with monthly updates on our progress, including major achievements and areas for improvement. Our commitment extends beyond just enforcing rules; we are eager to hear your feedback, learn from our experiences, and continually adapt to better meet the needs of our community. Expect regular updates, open discussions, and numerous opportunities for you to voice your opinions. Together, we’ll ensure Decentraland remains a welcoming and respectful space for all participants.

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Can we have a bit more infos about you?
What are your discord handles?
Since how long are you part of the community?
When did you join Decentraland?
Can you have some of your social media handles?

Too expensive for a moderation job & agree with HP share a bit about yourself…

Hello, my vote is NO. I haven’t observed any interaction from you with the community, which can be challenging. This position is intended for individuals who are seasoned and have had prior interactions.

Hello, I joined Decentraland in December 2023. I’ve explored various events and met many people in-world. I’m a mother of a beautiful girl and two cats, and I’ve worked as a customer relationship manager for airlines. I’m interested in exploring opportunities & working in web 3 communities. I manage and provide services for travel, insurance, and flight add-ons. I’ve been in the service industry since 2015. I’ve worked across various time zones and have applied for a moderator position here.

I’ve managed community groups since my days on Orkut. Now, I handle my team through various Telegram groups and emails. I’ve heard great things about the community from the events I’ve attended, and my teammate and I believe I can handle this role effectively. Our proposal amount is $2,000 per month for the team, totaling $24,000 for the whole year.
My X : https://twitter.com/divineyaiza

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3 tweets and one retweet since the twitter account creation in November, a single message on the DAO discord and two messages on the DCL discord to say “hi” after joining both on May 1st, that’s a bit light to confirm you are who you say you are and that you are capable of moderating the DAO.

More worse and biased moderation than now is hard to imagine. I am excited to give a chance for a new external team!

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Hi! I think it’d be productive if you could join the voice chat sometime and develop the proposal, as well as having community members know you a bit more. It actually seems you’ve joined the server 2 weeks ago so might be of use for all!

These are clearly Mr D and LordLike Alts

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