[DAO:e68c894] Landindex Metaverse Analytics - Free for Decentraland!

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Should the following $30,000 grant in the Platform category be approved?


Landindex is a Metaverse data analytics tool that helps businesses and investors to understand the value of the land at Metaverse. It provides a comprehensive overview of land price, ownership, and investment across the different Metaverses.

Landindex gives users a complete overview of the Metaverse by showing all data in one place.

The index shows Floor Price, Average Price, 1D Change, 7D Change, 30D Change, and Volume for each day with updates on Total Land count happening daily basis too. Not only does it show an aggregated view but also dives deep into the number of items and owners for each land providing valuable insights to its users.

Grant size

30,000 USD

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



We are thrilled to share with you that we have secured ownership of two parcels in Decentraland, -43,73 and -43,74, and are excited to leverage these parcels to build a cutting-edge data center. This data center will serve as a hub for our website’s interactive data services within the Decentraland metaverse.

Our platform will offer users access to a wide range of Decentraland metrics and events at no cost. We are also proud to announce that we will be incorporating a new data metric into our platform, which will be determined by community members.

We believe that this new feature will significantly enhance our users’ experience within Decentraland, providing them with valuable insights into the metaverse’s inner workings. Our team is excited to contribute to the growth of the Decentraland community and looks forward to providing continued support.

Roadmap and milestones

Landindex is now live and ready to explore through our mobile apps and website, landindex.io. With over 1300 data sets already available, and more on the way, users can expect a comprehensive data platform for all things Decentraland.

At Landindex, we are committed to continuously adding new data sets that are valuable to the Decentraland community. We are always eager to hear from the community and make it our priority to fulfill their needs within 7 days.

We take pride in providing a user-friendly, accessible platform for all Decentraland enthusiasts to stay informed and up-to-date. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to being a valuable resource for the Decentraland community.

If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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Hey, thanks for proposal. I saw your website, sufficient amount of useful data, though I think some uiux upgrades required imo. Recently, will vote NO but I am opened to reconsider my decision if I will see more detailed and optimized expense plan and proposal to return DAO % from PRO+ sales.

For the future, there are differing community opinions regarding the practice of voting for one’s own grants, which is a controversial topic similar to minting a name.


Thank you for your feedback and for using your vote. First and foremost, we always aim to develop things that can benefit you and you can witness how quickly we adapt to your requests by contacting us at digital@landindex.io.

Currently, we are making a small change in our pricing system and providing access to all Landindex services for only 0.01 Ethereum. As the usage of the metaverse increases and more people join, we are certainly open to revenue-sharing models in the future.

Hi Landindex,
I noticed the title of your grant says “Free for Decentraland”, but then I see you are charging for your services. If you are charging .01 Ethereum, will this revenue go back to the DAO if you are awarded a grant?

I feel like this grant is still missing quite a bit of information to help voters decide if this is worth the return on investment. For instance, you said in the “System Engineering” subsection:

To ensure sustainable integration of system engineering and different blockchains in our own system, we will be conducting a 3-month study in this field.

I can’t quite tell what this means… Is your grant conducting the study? Providing tools based on the discovery during this study? What exactly will we get from this study? Metrics on visitors on parcel?

I will be voting no at this time, but if you are able to provide a more comprehensive breakdown of your project as well as answer the questions above, I’m happy to revisit my vote. Thank you!


Dear Canessa,

Thank you for your comment. Landindex is an application that allows you to see all the metaverse data available for free on the web in - one place. You can already benefit from it for free without paying any fees through mobile app stores or the landindex.io website.

The pro version, which costs 0.01 Ethereum, allows you to see more detailed and historical data that is tailored to more investors. As Landindex, we will provide all the data belonging to Decentraland on our Decentraland land. When you come to the Landindex land, you will be able to view many of Decentraland’s data in real-time, including where events are taking place.

While suggesting that you examine our Landindex website in more detail, we would like to offer you a free Landindex NFT by sharing your wallet address, so that you can examine our system more thoroughly. As a community, we understand that it should benefit everyone, and we will work towards that goal. However, it should be known that it is still too early to share our revenue model due to it being a very niche industry at the moment. We will definitely work on this aspect in the future. We continue to develop Landindex, whether we receive support or not, and we will be happy to adapt them to our land in Decentraland. If there is anything else we can help with, please contact us at digital@landindex.io


I am voting no for now because I believe Decentraland is already working on some of these features and the others are already available.

Voted no due to the fact that Atlas Analytics, DCLmetrics, and others are already a part of the platform. I don’t think we have a large enough player base or enough active LAND owners to have this many analytic services. Especially since Atlas is free to any user/LAND owner.

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Hello Nikki,

Thank you for your vote.

It’s sad to see comments made without reading and without knowledge.

Landindex currently has the world’s number one metaverse analytics system. It is ranked first in searches in 41 countries and has a much higher number of daily users than the sites you have mentioned.

We want to focus on decentraland and develop something on this platform regardless. We will definitely do this, but we want to remind you that none of the companies you compared us to are doing what we are doing.


I’m not comparing what you’re building vs what they’re building. Just stating that multiple analytic projects funded by the DAO in a time where that is not a huge demand don’t seem like something we should continue to fund back to back.

It would be interesting to know what it is that you do provide that others don’t. I’m a user of Atlas Analytics and I have a pretty in-depth view of everything that happens in our game. We have 10 instanced scenes with dynamic triggers in all of them and I have visuals on it all down to the finest data point. So I just can’t imagine what more could be provided that isn’t already. But happy to learn! :pray:

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Hello Nikki,

We have not been funded by anyone.

Landindex is the #1 metaverse aggregation company in the world via google search, and we wanted to make some extra contributions to Decentraland with some of its features. You can be sure that we will spend our time on the otherside metaverse. :slight_smile:

Landindex has more daily visitors than Decentraland :sweat_smile:

Landindex Metaverse Analytics - Free for Decentraland!

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 20,356 VP (41 votes)
  • No 99% 5,845,217 VP (129 votes)
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