[DAO:d2c0df2] Update #1 for proposal "Decentraland No-Code UI Design Studio"

Author: 0x89a1d730aa1e78a0ede8dea988acecff0a6e99a9
Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


This month was the start for the DCL UI Design Studio, all milestones were accomplished successfuly. The GitHub repository can be followed at https://github.com/szilardjanko/ui-design-studio and the web app can be tested at https://ui-design-studio.vercel.app/. An official testing group will be put together in June once more features are ready.


  • Setup Next.js project and created a repository on GitHub
  • Develop the apps layout, including the landing page, Create UI page and the documentation page
  • Setup a basic drag and drop grid system on the Create UI page
  • Created grid controls to change the grid size and the grid zoom levels
  • Develop label UI elements
  • Host the web app on Vercel to allow the community to follow the progress live as each development update is completed



Next steps

  • Develop button and input field UI elements
  • Create a function that allows resizing UI elements
  • Create a function that allows customizing text on the UI elements
  • Create basic DCL UI code generator component

Additional notes and links

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