[DAO:cbe12ea] Add the location 144,-37 to the Points of Interest

by 0x780909c4f1305e5953041e744b09e2f016180676 (DeepThought)

Federated Reserve Pub

Should the scene located at 144,-37 be added to the Point of Interest list?


A long term advocate of Decentraland, we have worked closely with the community running events and educational trainning, created games such as “Federated Reserve” - coins for a wish-. please vote for us and come and play our latest game. Many Thanks

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Cool Build!! thank you submitting this prop, could you link me to past events at this location? I have been in the space for around 9 months and have never partied here, I’m Curious to see what kind of ragers I’m missing.

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Hello, just dropped into your build which is nice, but I don’t recall ever being there before and I go to A LOT of events. What is the purpose of the space? Do you have any upcoming events planned? When I think of a space that should be a point of interest, I think that there is a benefit somehow to the community at large. I am voting no for now but am open to changing my vote with additional information.

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Hi thanks for your feedback, one of the games that we have for some time, which will be familiar to many in Decentraland was built in collaboration with Polygonal Mind “Federated Reserve Wish” project, this allowed the the user to find daily coins and make a wish. Here is a link to the Original launch and details around the build can be sen here Polygonal Mind Launches ‘Federated Reserve’ in DCL | NFTS.WTF
Also you can see a bit more from the archived decentraspots website Federated Reserve • Decentraspots
Appart from the launch Party we have had several gatherings here.

Hi DedHeadJ thanks for your response you are correct this is a new deployment, its nice to keep things fresh and provide innovation, see my previous response you may recognise one of our previous builds. This current build is actually a functional game, which allows the user to jump between platforms, in order to reach the middle Glowing Orb. Once they have achieved this objective then there is a chance to win a POAP. There is also a Art displayed around the base of the orrery.

Thank you for taking the time to apply for a POI star. Your building is well made and very professional. To me I think locations that are worthy of a Point of Interest star have done the following:

  1. Worked to host events before applying for a POI star
  2. Gotten to know community members and become active within the DCL community
  3. Brought value to the greater Decentraland community in a way that is not self-serving
  4. Minted the name they are proposing the POI with

I personally LOVE the style of clothing you’ve released, and I had to hunt them down! I was going to vote no because I haven’t seen any events at your parcel, but when I weigh the beauty of the build with the past events you’ve talked about, I will vote yes. Please please get the word out when you hold your next event, and feel free to connect with our community even further to make sure people are aware of the events you’re hosting. Best of luck to you!

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Canessa, thanks for taking the time to reply, we have as a wider team been deeply involved with Decentraland and its community for several years, collaborated with mutiple teams on several projects; across mutiple land parcels.

We have held events, for example during the Decentraland Music Festivals; e.g MVMF (Metaverse Music Festival) with live DJ performances. We have worked on several wearable collections including the Federated Reserve Collection which are available on the Decentraland Market place.

We will make sure to put the word out for our next series of events. Additionaly we are very open to participating with and assisting the wider community in Decentraland, as i believe its the community that make Decentraland the platform that it is.

I also think that the initiative of delegation of some VP power to active users in the community, will help across votting innitiatives in the future and creating more engagement.

Hey DeepThought, I know you’ve already pass the mark on this one but I’m going to throw my pennies worth in because you’ve made it hard for me to give you, what should have been, an easy yes. I like the look of your current build, and the quality of what you have produced in the past. I’ve been in DCL for months, not years, so I haven’t personally come across your build or any of your other work until now. And as of right now, because the orb doesn’t do anything (didn’t for me) and there are no current plans for an event, your parcel is not really a POI for someone new to the space. I have huge respect for your portfolio of work and I would have liked to have seen some of that info included in the proposal or evident on your parcel so that you accounted for new people. I hope that makes sense. Everything you have been involved in thus far has been quality so I look forward to seeing what you do with the space in the near future.

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Hi HAZARDOUS, I appriciate your constructive criticism, its essntial that we have honest debate from everyones perspective, on proposals, POI requests etc…

We have events planned in the pipeline, that we will be queueing shortly, but i take on board looking at things from the perspective of a recently joined Decentraland user as we want to encourage onboarding of new users on to our platform. We could add some detail of work and portfolio into the art billboards on the site parcel as you say.

One of the limitations of POI requests is that all requests are limited to 255 Characters so they all look very brief, the only way to populate a request with additional information would be to add an additional coment below the proposal.

Hopefully in the Future we will impress you with some of our innovations.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply DT and for understanding where I’m coming from. I hear what you’re saying about the 255 characters, that’s fair point. No need to impress me mate, why put that much pressure on yourself :slight_smile: I’ll be at your next event to support. All the best.

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@DeepThought Thank you for the further explanation and pointing out your prior work. I am voting Yes and wish you all the best!!

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Thanks DedHeadJ for reconsidering your vote based on the additional Information.

Add the location 144,-37 to the Points of Interest

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Voting Results:

  • Yes 51% 1,193,237 VP (88 votes)
  • No 49% 1,152,816 VP (3 votes)

Add the location 144,-37 to the Points of Interest

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