[DAO:cbaf802] New Proposal Category : 'Feature Request’

by 0x0636211443e91468ee3657e1d7faede7059c4843 (GMB)

Add a proposal category to the DAO, ‘Feature Request’.

Currently, there is no pathway in the DAO to suggest a feature request. Users should have a designated category to propose/debate new ideas and feature upgrades for Decentraland.

*If implemented, a ranking system would also be very valuable in order to organize requests from most important to least. In addition, this would be useful for merging feature requests that overlap.

  • Add ‘Feature Request’ Category
  • Do Not Add ‘Feature Request’ Category
  • Invalid question/options

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@nwiz Thank you for this proposal! I was hoping we could add a bounty/bid system with this as well. I am tag teaming this with a supplemental system. Please consider.

For instance, in the U.S. there are public lands that need their grass mowed and tended to. The state government doesn’t have a grass mowing department per se. Therefore they have a process for local businesses to become eligible to bid on the open contracts/bounties. Prior to being eligible to bid on the contracts, the local businesses have to apply and take tests that prove they can complete the work. If they pass the tests, their business is in good standing with taxes and so forth, then they are eligible to bid on the open-contracts. These eligible businesses (assuming all are fully able to complete the work) will put in a total amount that they feel comfortable taking on the task with. They can only bid once and the numbers bid are not private. So if Company A puts a $1000 bid in to complete the contract while Company B puts a $900 bid when the voting period is over, the winner of the contract would then be Company B because they are fully able to complete the task while costing a lesser total price.

If we create this type of decentralized bidding system for Feature Requests that are approved by the DAO, then this continues decentralization in a fair way indefinitely. This is how it would work:

Before this gets implemented, it would be important that an eligibility system is created for contractors to ensure they have the experience to complete the work. Once this eligibility system is enacted this is how the Feature Requests would work:

First, a Feature Request is submitted to the DAO. If the Feature Request is approved by the DAO, then the contract be an open for a period of time where the eligible contractors/business would be able to bid for it. Each Contractor can only bid once and no one is able to see the prices of the other bids, nor how many contractors bid on it. It is completely private. The contractor who won the bid must ensure in it’s completed in its entirety that it meets all requirements of the Feature Request. The DAO would act as the product owner and vote to approve, request revisions or deny it. If approved the Product owner get the final amount of the contract and gets reputation added to their contractor profile.

This brings up a reputation system. If a contractor fails to satisfactorily complete the contract, they would be ineligible to bid on any more contracts. If they complete the contract satisfactorily then that contract experience will be added. Lets say every contract completed is 1 point. In event of a tie on the bid price, the contractor with more points would win the bid. This is an incentive to keep coming back.

Please note that a bid on a contract is non-negotiable so if a contractor bids $100k to complete, and it costs the contractor $110k, then that is the loss of the contractor. Due diligence is required in planning out the contract’s cost, while those that bid too high will also not get the contract. Remember there is no way to know how many other contractors have bid on the open contract, nor how much they bid on it. So a fair value is more likely to be found as long as eligibility requirements to become an eligible contractor are not too high.


We could easily set up a subreddit as a short term solution. Upvote/downvote the most wanted features and then ask the foundation to tackle the top 2 or 3 every quarter if they are legit.

@Tudamoon a partner registry is currently being built which requires a series of test to qualify. Verified Partners Registry

Could be a good place to start with your branch of thought.


Thank you for sharing! I love this!

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Great idea… thanks for bringing it up. :slightly_smiling_face:

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New Proposal Category : 'Feature Request’

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Add ‘feature request’ category 79% 2,786,925 VP (68 votes)
  • Do not add ‘feature request’ category 0% 0 VP (0 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 21% 773,459 VP (2 votes)

While working on the Verified Partners Registry , one of the things that came up -more than once- and it’s actually in our roadmap is developing a bounties system to take care of the “requested features”, or any inbound request.

Thank you @Tudamoon and @ile for bringing this up. I really love this idea and I guess it’s even better that it’s coming up from different players of the community… it helps proving that it could add a lot of value to the community.


New Proposal Category : 'Feature Request’

This proposal has been PASSED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

Thanks @ile for bringing the Verified Partners Registry to the conversation. @Tudamoon The transparency that comes from a bidding system will undoubtedly benefit the community. We have been working on this lately, we wanted the members of the Verified Partners Registry to be the contractors. We are on the way of designing a process to open a public or private (within the members of the registry) tender for valuable projects, a new path to fund initiatives from the community. Compound DAO used public bidding process to hired their security auditor, which is a great validation that this kind of process works well.