[DAO:c989482] Update #7 for proposal "[Resubmission] Dark Dungeons"

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Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :yellow_circle: At Risk


Hello everyone, our fears have been confirmed, unfortunately, we do not have time to complete the project on time. We faced a lot of technical difficulties and not only. At the moment, we predict that we will need 1 month more time, but we will make every effort to cope faster.


What have we done in the last month? We have made all the 3d models, maybe in the future we will add more 3d models, but at the moment there is no need for this. Now we are optimizing the existing models. In addition, we have created all the images and sounds. We’ve redesigned the interface and some related mechanics. In addition, we are preparing for the second test Tuesday, which will take place on November 28. Almost all game mechanics are close to the end result, but we continue to improve them. We have added several images to the table Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.


Let’s list some of the difficulties we have encountered recently

  • The DCL engine worked very poorly in debug mode. Sometimes we spent a lot of time just to test two players at the same time. This was noticed not only by us, but also by other developers.
  • At some point, a failure occurred in the DCL engine, and the functionality for controlling the visibility/invisibility of player avatars stopped working there. This error persisted for more than a week. We had to urgently make changes to the gameplay in order to at least conditionally bypass the problem. Fortunately, this has been fixed, but there is still a glitch: if a NEW player enters the game, then everyone sees him until the visibility attributes are updated.
  • At another point, the two-dimensional UI failed in the DCL engine. Fortunately, there were no big losses, but we had to redo part of the interface.

Summarize: the most unpleasant technical problems are unpredictable breakdowns of the DCL engine. The situation, in general, is common and understandable for complex systems, but certain problems arise in this regard.

Next steps

  • Rough assembly of the second story
  • Preparing for Testing Tuesday
  • Conduct Testing Tuesday
  • Optimization
  • Publishing a scene on the LAND
  • Adding wearables to the Store
  • Buying Names to use Worlds

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