[DAO:c989482] Update #6 for proposal "[Resubmission] Dark Dungeons"

Author: 0x2e09a10eaace1ef3a66fbf6f1f782c8c0cb8c942
Update Status: On Time
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Hello, dear community members. This time our forecasts are not as positive as in the past. Every day we face more and more technical problems. Because of this, the backlog from the schedule is increasing, and we do not have time to compensate for it. Let’s look at this in more detail.


Let’s start with what we have managed to do over the past month. We have created 2 locations for the second story. In addition, several characters and their 2d images. Edited some dialogues and battles. Added additional interface elements and sounds. 2 days ago we Testing Tuesday. Unfortunately, users had to test an outdated version of the project due to the inability to publish the latest version. They were able to get acquainted with the current version only thanks to a presentation that we conducted using an on-screen demonstration. Yesterday we still managed to publish a new version of the project, you can read it at the link Decentraland


Will we be able to make the project in the form in which we originally planned it? Yes! Will we make it in time? We will do our best to do this, but due to circumstances that do not depend on us, we are not sure about it. What worked yesterday without any problems may stop working today due to some errors in the system.

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