[DAO:c0a2fd1] Sustaining and Expanding The Saloon: A Hub for Virtual Entertainment and Gaming

Hey, I’ve been thinking about your grant since your request and even more so today. I think I might be a little bitter and frustrated with what I believe to be fraudulent voting by others who take advantage of the DAO and have wasted funds on useless projects. I don’t want to be a robot that votes no on every single grant request that isn’t platform related. We still need things to do in DCL while improvements are being made. You have been providing entertainment for a while now and without asking for any funds.

I don’t usually change my mind, but your request has stuck with me, and I think you deserve a shot. I’m going to change my no vote to yes.

Please make sure to document how all money is spent and keep receipts in case of an audit request by the community. Being 100% transparent will be key in keeping the community supportive of your journey. Communicate and don’t take what will surely be tough questions personally. Good luck and should you need any FREE support you can reach out to me. I have a weird obsession in documenting anything related to spending :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello DedHeadJ, i’d like to thank you for changing your vote. I recognize that the past months has been hard for the DAO. I’ll be 100% transparent you can be sure of this. Thank you also for the free support, i will DEFINITELY have some questions in a nearby future.

@bufalo and his team has contributed to this space for the past two years. As one of the most prolific experience curators in DCL, this should have been a shoo-in grant. Bufalo has built a solid community from the ground up and onboarded many artists and users as well.

Does the platform need improvement? Absolutely. But you can have the best platform out there, and it doesn’t mean a thing if there is nothing for users to do. Keeping the creators like Bufalo in the space is vital to its longevity.

Also, it’s disheartening to have whales, that are seemingly not active community members, come in and overturn the actual community’s decision to award a grant. This is how you lose people that work daily to grow and improve the platform and actually give a shit about the community.

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Sustaining and Expanding The Saloon: A Hub for Virtual Entertainment and Gaming

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 32% 4,960,890 VP (93 votes)
  • No 52% 7,620,068 VP (20 votes)
  • Abstain 16% 2,462,502 VP (10 votes)
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