[DAO:c06220d] Empowerirng creators through virtual production content for the web3 ecosystem

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Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


We at Cinetica Studio want to support the growth of promising creatives in the Decentraland ecosystem by providing them with high quality CGI animated content to promote events, brands, creators, and the overall Decentraland Ecosystem.

For our first contribution we will develop two (2) CGI animated teasers for The DCL Report both to support their efforts to grow their community, as well as to demonstrate the unique kind of Decentraland Content we are able to create for the ecosystem. This would include:

  1. Level design or virtual world creation
  2. Custom Motion capture animations
  3. Virtual camera placement and rendering with Unreal Engine
  4. Basic editing and sound design

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Teaser 1: “A Hook - Discover and Preserve the History of the Metaverse”
A short 15 second animated video showing The Decentraland Report “reporter” discovering and contemplating for the first time the presence of the iconic character AVA, co created by the world known film director Michael Bay, a true historic moment in the metaverse that will be documented and archived as a milestone in the web3 space.

Teaser 2: “Plant the seed - Unveiling a historic moment in the discovery of the metaverse”
A short 30 second animated video extending the sublime interaction between the decentraland reporter and AVA, this will be the first showcase of AVA´s true purpose in the metaverse, we will hint the viewers through a “easter egg” the true reason for AVA´s presence in the metaverse without revealing too much information. It is important to establish in this video the beginning of a story that reflects consciousness and awareness of our planet’s current climate change crisis. AVA has landed into the metaverse to spread a message of hope and preservation, a message that is truly worthy of being documented by "The Decentraland Report ‘’ and rendered in a breathtaking style.


Cinetica Studio will develop the project in 3 steps, according to the following Hardware and Software specs:

  1. Asset development and level design: we will compose and assemble all the assets required in both Maya and Blender in order to export as optimized meshes inside Unreal Engine 5, once assets are imported we will proceed with the level design and construction by using both in engine tools as well as purchased marketplace assets to complement the story. By using UE5 we will take full advantage of its path tracing features as well as Lumen and Nanite.

  2. Avatar integration: The avatars incorporated into the scenes are purchased NFT´s which provide access to their 3D files, therefore we will work as well on the rigging for the models. We will bring to life our characters by using both inertial and optical motion capture systems from the companies Noitom and Optitrack; all captured data will be streamed into UE5 through the livelink protocol, allowing us to then add facial expressions and specific details.

  3. Cinematics: Once we have assembled all pieces together in UE5, we will proceed with the sequence and camera animations, we will work on this part of the project side by side with our studio´s DOP. Once the sequence is ready, all files are exported in EXR format in order to compose and color correct in after effects and davinci.


Cinetica studio has worked on numerous projects for the Film, Entertainment, Music and video game industry. We have collaborated with world known Directors, such as Alejandro G. Iñarritu (Birdman, The revenant…) as well as Worldwide pop stars like Bad Bunny, Snoop Dog, Kanye and many more. We have created high impact content for transnational brands such as Corona, Philipp Plein, Gucci and more.

Cinetica is built by a team of 20 in house artists, for this project we will involve the following artists profiles:

1 Sr. Level designer with expertise in UE pipeline
1 Jr. Level designer with expertise in Blender and Maya
1 Sr Character designer with expertise in UE pipeline
1 Mocap Director
1 Mocap technician
1 Mocap Supervisor
1 Mocap talent
1 Creative Director
1 Writer

pls find below the websites corresponding to the parties involved in the development and creative process of the piece.

Cinetica Studio: https://www.cinetica.studio/
The DCL Report https://www.TheDecentralandReport.com

Roadmap and milestones

We will deliver the totality of the project 2 months after the grant is approved, it is very important for us to establish a community and grow awareness of both the project we are creating, but also decentralands ability to listen to its community and impulse them towards growing as artists in the web3 space. The general public will receive recorded behind the scenes footage from the Motion Capture sessions in order to maintain engagement with the making of process, as well different Q&A sessions will be organized among the community of future content creators in order to explain how modern animation pipelines look like.

We want to democratize the way content is created today and open the eyes of the next generations making them conscious of the power and ability they have as creative minds to detonate a positive impact in the world.

To make this happen, the first 4 weeks (w1 to w4) we will pre produce and produce all the content required for the 2 short videos, and for the next 4 weeks (w4 to w8) we will begin to share on a weekly basis in both Cinetica Studio and The Decentraland Report social media channels the content we will have previously prepared in the first 4 weeks.

The first 15 second teaser will be shown by the end of week 4, in order to engage with the community and bring up the expectations, but while the marketing and community campaign for the project is launched from week 4 to 8, we will simultaneously be polishing the final touches of part 2.

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This seems like a reasonable amount of money to ask for creating something like this. Good luck :+1:

I checked Cinética’s reels and liked what I’ve seen. Voted YES!

this def seems reasonable for 2 videos. good proposal

Hi! Although I like the idea of creating audiovisual content, and the grant is small I having issues understanding how it connects to Decentraland.

The main subject of the teasers seems to be AVA, an avatar NFT collection https://twitter.com/JaduAVAs

For reference on how a Decentraland teaser should look like see: Decentraland Desktop Client - Better, Faster, More! - YouTube

It could show Decentraland avatars, featuring wearables by different community members. And different buildings from Decentraland. The reporter could chat with characters already part of the DCL culture.

Voting No for now.


Just want to clarify here Eibriel as I’ve had the chance to talk to Cinetica Studios about this.

This will be a video about The DCL Report and demonstrating various aspects of Decentraland which will draw people in.

We want people to want to discover the metaverse, and find a way to become a part of it’s history evolution. If anyone finds The DCL Report for a moment, we would like them to see this 30 Second video to understand the kinds of things we do in Decentraland.

we are discussing for this to be a combination of these 2 videos:

In regards to AVA, we are building a storyline which contains avatars from many different project, making DCL the capital of the metaverse. I can’t say more without spoiling, but the concept here being that DCL is the center of an open metaverse across space and time…SAYIING TOO MUCHHHHH xD

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Tagging @yemel as well in case this was the concern.

Empowerirng creators through virtual production content for the web3 ecosystem.

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Empowerirng creators through virtual production content for the web3 ecosystem.

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