[DAO: bafkrei] POI Management Optimizations: Unify POI lists and improve the operational aspect

by 0x511a22cdd2c4ee8357bb02df2578037ffe8a4d8d (ginoct)

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[Resubmission] Should the legacy POI list be deleted?


Update the current POI management mechanism by removing the centralized list and unifying it with the decentralized DAO-maintained list, migrate that list to Polygon (cost reduction) and outside of Aragon (Better UX)


This proposal aims to solve the existing complexity created by having two POI lists, one centralized under the Decentraland Foundation and the other maintained by the DAO using an Aragon smart contract. The proposed solution encompasses: Deleting the Legacy POI list, and moving the DAO-maintained POI list from the Ethereum mainnet to Polygon and outside of the Aragon infrastructure in order to reduce the costs and enhance the experience of adding and removing POIs. Finally, the DAO core teams will encourage the community to create proposals under the Add POI category in the Decentraland DAO Governance dApp to add the POIs that are still considered relevant.


As the project keeps moving towards an even more decentralized future, having a list that cannot be modified by the community or having two lists that community developers need to take into consideration when building products for the Decentraland ecosystem is a weak spot. Especially if that list contains such essential places in the Decentraland world as Genesis Plaza, the Decentraland Museum, or the Crypto Valley.

Also, moving the DAO-maintained list away from the Ethereum mainnet and Aragon infrastructure into Polygon will reduce operational costs (Currently adding/removing POIs cost ~200USD in gas fees) and make the process for the DAO Committee easier, as using Aragon to send transactions is not ideal UX-wise.


Below is a proposed list of milestones:

-Launch a communication campaign regarding this change and encourage Decentraland users to submit POI addition proposals for the POIs present on the Legacy POI list they still consider relevant (~30 days)

-Once that period ends, the DAO Committee will engage with the Decentralad Foundation teams to orchestrate how the change will be done. This will be communicated to the Decentraland community via Discord and the Forum.

-The actions to be orchestrated will be: Delete the Legacy POI list, enact the addition of the new POIs on the DAO-maintained list by the DAO Committee (Ideally those two actions should happen synchronously), and migrate the DAO-maintained list to Polygon.

-Communicate to the community the result of these actions.


By doing this we keep empowering Decentraland users to make decisions about the project via proper DAO Governance mechanisms while simplifying the operations and reducing the costs of adding and removing POIs. As the Decentraland community and the activity grows, being cost-effective and quick regarding these changes will lead to a better experience for the users. Also, taking out the embedded Legacy -POI list from the World Explorer (a.k.a. Reference Client) removes the control of a centralized entity and gives everyone the same access to leveraging the POI list on their own implementations.

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great proposal, thanks Gino!

POI Management Optimizations: Unify POI lists and improve the operational aspect

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

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