[DAO: bafkrei] Arabic Youtube Series on Decentraland and The Metaverse

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Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


We aim to produce an Arabic Youtube series of 12 videos, 7-10 mins long. We plan to cover three main themes: Decentraland, The Metaverse and Economic Potential for MENA.

Sample: Taxir Demo Video - YouTube


  • What is the Metaverse?
  • Variety / Types of Games
  • Big Players (Gaming Companies / Celebrities)
  • Guilds, Alliances and Aggregators
  • Future and Wider Adoption


  • History (foundation, development, milestones, investors)
  • Beginner Guide to Decentraland (map, activities, land purchase, marketplace)
  • Decentraland Builder
  • Biggest events hosted in Decentraland

Economic Potential:

  • P2E models / Impact on developing countries
  • MENA & The Metaverse (overview, obstacles, opportunities)
  • Virtual Real Estate

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address




The Metaverse and GameFi spheres offer a rare opportunity for the gaming communities around the world to monetize their efforts and expertise, and MENA (Middle East & North Africa) is home to diverse and rich communities based around gaming, streaming and internet cultures.


MENA remains to be the globe’s slowest region in terms of blockchain adoption, despite its young and online population making for a fertile adoption ground. This is due to slow regulatory adoption in some countries, poor adoption of online payment technology, and weak communication and localization infrastructure.

We aim to tackle the third issue.


We want to develop a high quality Arabic Youtube series, targeting Arab gaming communities, and educating them on three topics: 1) The Metavers / GameFi sector, 2) Decentraland, 3) Economic potential of the P2E model and other models to the residents of MENA.

The series will consist of 12 videos, ranging between 7 - 10 minutes.

The first six videos will focus on the Metaverse in general, starting with what is the Metaverse and how it works, then moving to the concept of Ecosystem and how different Metaverses have different rich ecosystems of gamers and builders. We will go through the big players in the Metaverse sphere so far, including the biggest Metaverse projects, biggest gaming companies entering the field, specially ones that are popular in MENA (e.g. Ubisoft), as well as celebrities and artists entering the field and developing their own virtual project.

We will then proceed to talk about the most prominent milestones that the industry has gone through so far, whether on the levels of adoption or development. We will explore collaborative and collective initiatives emerging in the sphere, such as guilds, alliances and aggregators, and lastly, we will offer an overview on the future of the Metaverse and potential of wider adoption.

In the second part of the series, which will consist of three videos, we will explore Decentraland as an entry point to gamers and builders alike to the Metaverse sphere. We will cover Decentraland’s history, then explore in one video from a player’s prospective, and in an other video from developer’s prospective.

The last three videos will revolve around the economic potential of the Metaverse and GameFi for MENA residents. We will cover three main pillars of the Metaverse economy: Play-to-Earn models, virtual events and tours, and the virtual real estate market.


1- Raise awareness about the Metaverse and GameFi and their economic potential amongst MENA’s gaming communities.
2- Introduce Decentraland as an entry point to the Metaverse / GameFi sphere to MENA users.
3- Provide a series that can serve as a reference point for Arabic videos that delve into the Metaverse with more details.


We have already produced a sample video for the series. With the grant, we will be able to add a second camera and better lighting:

We have script drafts for four videos of the series, all in Arabic, which you can preview here:

Introduction to the Metaverse:

Introduction to Decentraland:

Introduction to GameFi:

GameFi economic potential for MENA:

Sample of Taxir’s previous video production, a course on ‘Discord for Communicating Blockchain’:


Ammar Manla Hasan. The former Editor-in-Cheif of Ma3azef.com, MENA’s leading music magazine, and a journalist, editor with 10 years of experience, Ammar is the co-founder of Taxir, he has produced videos and podcasts that received millions of plays. Here’s Ammar’s CV: TL;DR - Ammar Manla Hasan (CV)

Peter Houaiss. Photographer, video editor and music composer, Peter is Taxir’s creative and NFT lead. His main focus is on the intersections of technology, blockchain and internet culture. Here’s Petere’s CV: Peter_Houaiss_-_Resume_2022.pdf - Google Drive

Moustafa Sbeity. Taxir’s video lead, Moustafa is the presenter of our video production, and the person standing behind most of the research. Moustafa is currently working on three educational video projects, all relating to blockchain technology (Blockchain for musicians, Taxir’s weekly news round up, and The Metaverse series).

Roadmap and milestones

Timeline (measured in weeks since receiving the grant):

Series structure research and finalization (1 week)
First theme (6 videos) write up and production (3 weeks)
Second theme (3 videos) write up and production (2 weeks)
Third theme (3 videos) write up and production (2 weeks)

Total duration of producing the project: 8 weeks
Publishing schedule: 1 video / week starting by the end of Week 3

Reporting & Accountability:

Share finalized course structure in document by the end of Week 1
Share scripts of first 6 videos by the end of Week 4
Share scripts of second 3 videos by the end of Week 6
Share scripts of last 3 videos by the end of Week 8
Share links of published videos on weekly basis starting the end of Week 3


  • Number of video views
  • Number of people reached by the series
  • Raising awareness of Decentraland and the Metaverse in MENA region
  • Providing know-how education content to the gaming communities in MENA

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Interesting concept.

As a DCL YouTuber myself who has personally invested hundreds of hours into creating content for the community to help people with no financial backing or reward for it, I have a genuine question for you.

Why are you seeking a grant to produce YouTube content?

Everything in the proposal can be achieved with lots of effort and hard work (as we have put in).

What are you planning on spending $3k on?


Love the Concept

Just think if its going to be done it needs to be by a community member that understands Decentraland at its core. I do not think we have met ^.^ My Name is SinfulMeatStick Twitch Streamer , Show Host and Community member. I invite you to hang out the community more often get to know us , make some friends. I’m sure the community would love to get to know you


Dude is probably more then capable but i have never seen him around and he has no name. Glad you voted no @SinfulMeatStick dude should do some outreach and be known if hes gonna represent the community. Voting yes would be like sending a ambassador that no one even has seen in the country and dont even know if he truly knows whats going on. Also a waste of 3k. Even tho thats a drop in the bucket. Id welcome to come back to this once he has a higher level of propinquity.


I note some of the shortcomings mentioned by the commenters above, specifically the fact that the grantee applicant does not appear to have specific experience with DCL or be a known community member.

That said, I think this grant is for a relatively small amount, appears to be going toward an experienced content production team and I believe the Arabic community is under represented in DCL, and I would love to see the diversity of our community grow!

With that in mind, I have voted in favor of the grant.


Hi there :slight_smile: Thank you for your feedback! We want to expand our inventory by getting a second camera and a better lighting, two issues that we faced while shooting our sample video. We also want to pay, even a little, to our production team, which consists of a researcher, presenter and video editor.

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Hi Snifu! Thank you for reaching out and for your feedback. My name is Ammar Manla Hasan and I’m a co founder of Taxir, the party that is applying to the grant. With me are my good friends Moustafa Sbeity (Researcher) and Peter Al Houaiss (Video Editor), who are two major Decentraland explorers.

We haven’t joined Decentral Discord until lately, but we are looking forward to participating and getting to know the lovely crowd in here :)) You’ll be hearing more from us soon whether we receive the grant or not, and thank you again for welcoming us to DCL community!


Thank you for your feedback Tengu, we didn’t appreciate the importance of community membership applying to this grant, maybe we can try again after we join and get to know you better :))

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Yea I think community aspect is huge in decentraland when comes to dao. Their is a lot of eyes and sharing when comes to this stuff. Sometimes it even peaks the whales and they come and drop massive vote power. I agree with Matimio on a lot of what he said. Would def like to see this revisited later. Sinfulmeatstick is pretty active with beyond the nft. Babydolls have wagmi Wednesdays. On top that through the week is many more events every Friday at Metazoo is a party as well as usually Bitbears. Not to mention multiple free play DG tournaments throughout the week with various music artist. Id look also to maybe jump in a spaces with the with the community building team. There is a new discord by lots of active members who talk builds, dao nfts this and that here. Community Building Decentraland

Definitely look forward to voting yes in the future to help you with your ambitions for awareness for the Arabic community. Id make myself known and come to some events. I think it will help you greatly if you really are sincere in this mission.


Thank you so much for being understanding!

I personally think that your content would will be amazing for representing the Arabic community. my vote is not because of any “shortcomings” in my points of view but because I feel like our community can teach you a lot about our ecosystem which then you can transcribe into Arabic. I would love to invite you to the Decentraland Community Building Discord: Community Building Decentraland

This discord is community operated and a good place to connect with active Decentraland users ^.^

Looking Forward to Voting Yes on Future Proposals.


Thank you Matimio, Tengu and Sinful for your inviting and useful comments, we def have a lot to learn from the community. And thank you for letting us know about this server, we look forward to exploring the community and becoming a part of it!


As @Matimio said, the arab community is severely underrepresented so for a 3000 USD grant, this is an easy YES from my perspective


This grant deserves to be approved. Taxir is doing impressive work. Let’s see what they do with $3k. I hope everyone who voted no on this will reconsider.


Hey I dont think we have met yet, but your Youtube channel looks good but to be honest I don’t see any Decentraland experience, video’s & content on your channel while there are plenty content creators & streamers doing the same thing just to enjoy & support the community, also making Arabic video’s without an audience makes it pointless to grant the money for the work you are going to do.

So here are some tips for you to work on if this proposal fails;

  • Show us that you are a part of this community.
  • Make progress first by groing your channel, quality & views.
  • Show us that you can actually influence the arab community.
  • Make a new proposal later once you have achieved these milestones, showing us how you are going to spend the $3,000.
  • Introduce yourself in twitter spaces, Discord meetings & Reddit discussions so that we can get to know you too

I belive that you have 100% potential & know you will be able to have your proposal granted, maybe not right away but you’ll increase those chances if you improve yourself.
If you have any questions feel free to ask me :wink:


Welcome to Decentraland @Ammaro. I’d like to extend the offer to show you around Decentraland (DCL) and answer questions you have. I see you are on the CBD discord. Feel free to reach out to me either here in the forum or on our server. I am excited to see the world through your eyes.


Thank you for your support Kevin, looking forward to our call tomorrow!!

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This is quite helpful, we will do just that! We recognize that Metaverse adoption and use cases in MENA are still quite limited, but we see an ooportunity in the strong gaming culture in the region, and we aim to promote our Metaverse / DCL content at the gaming community.

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Thank you for the offer! Three of us Taxirians have joined CBD, and we will start reaching out and connecting with the community pretty soon.


Arabic Youtube Series on Decentraland and The Metaverse

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 46% 956,818 VP (21 votes)
  • No 54% 1,084,819 VP (28 votes)

This was a very good showing for a first proposal. Web3 rewards the iterative process. Let’s work together to make your proposal better for the next time you present it @Ammaro !