[DAO:b0c989f] Dark Mode across more/all Decentraland platforms/sites

by 0x5d327dcd9b4dae70ebf9c4ebb0576a1de97da520 (ZN)

Should the problem/opportunity outlined be refined and taken to the next level?

Problem Statement

I think all of Decentraland would like to have a dark mode option on about everything they look at digitally. I think night mode has been a preferred setting in DCL since I started … I still hear people stating to turn on Night mode. I’ll list a few reasons below (mostly copy/paste, but you get the point) … it may help the community as a whole having dark mode, who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

Better Sleep:
When it gets dark, your brain naturally begins to produce more melatonin, the chemical that makes you sleepy. Any type of light can disrupt the melatonin levels, so people should ideally avoid all types of light as bedtime approaches.

Reduce Power Usage:
The idea behind Dark Mode is that it reduces the light emitted by device screens while maintaining the minimum colour contrast ratios required for readability. Reducing the power needed and/or used to display.

Reduced Eye Strain:
Dark mode users find reading easier in low light with less eye strain. In certain situation Bright mode works better and in certain situation Dark mode works better for eye strain. Having this option helps us users cater to bright or dark rooms.

Most of us just prefer it:
On most any poll dark mode is the preferred setting.

Proposed Solution

Add a dark mode setting to all DCL websites/UI screens/etc.

Target Audience/Customer Base

All users and future users of Decentraland.

Why is this relevant now?

Dark mode is a commonly accepted option on most all popular digital sites and such.

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In case you didn’t know Dark Mode for DAO is already in the works.

No, I don’t know, like as far as what the DAO is doing? … or works of DAO or Foundation … or secret discords or servers or special chat groups or wherever you all hide whatever …

I just know I can’t read this bright ass stuff for more than a few mins.

Is it an option for DCL Docs too? or in the works?

Really any “bright/light” site should have a gray, charcoal, Dark mode … something. I feel like Dark mode is commonplace in popular platforms. I feel like its overdue here given the night mode lovers we are.

I was only informing everyone of what’s in the works documented in the github. Don’t know why you’re so angry, perhaps time to touch (or smoke) grass :grinning:

I don’t know why you feel I am angry. I also don’t know why you feel the need to suggest “time to touch grass”.

I really do not need advice from the likes of you, JasonX, on what to do in my real life, thanks.

Also, if you have a link I’ll check it out. Like by the sounds of it it is only DCL DAO? DCL Docs could use it too, among other UI’s in DCL.

Personally, I have gotten used to the light background of Decentraland, but I understand that there may be people who prefer the dark mode, especially the more active members of the community who can spend a lot of time reading proposals and comments.

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A big thank you Zom! My eyes start to bother after a while, so I am all for this.

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Thanks everyone for the support on the proposal. I know there is a group of us that jokingly call ourselves the “No Sleep Gang”, it may help us sleep some :stuck_out_tongue: … among the other benefits. I know when I do need to spend a lot of time reading digital displays it helps having a dark mode option. I can feel my eyes hurt otherwise, after a short while of light mode.

In some situations with eye strain, I have printed large portions of text to paper to avoid the bright monitor light shining into my eyes (where dark mode would have avoided me feeling a need to print stuff).

Thanks again for your support,

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what is being done with this proposal? why is it not proceeding? we need dark mode everywhere, not just marketplace and builder

I have no idea what is being done in GitHub, I don’t know how to read it or make sense of it … have no idea … nor what to do with this proposal. I’d gladly take any help with @dao or anything Decentraland related to be honest … but to ask for help means I’m creating “FUD” or being “negative” …

Sorry, I wanted to help and give back to the community again … if you or anyone wants to re-submit or whatever to make it dark mode available feel free. I have no real plans of getting involved here while my eyes hurt.

I’m so F’ing tired of “Decentraland community” saying you can do anything and sit there and just watch you suffer while you try to do ANYTHING here. GG.

I’d love to see dark mode.

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submitted the proposal again Enable DARK MODE on all Decentraland webpages.

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