[DAO:5d39be6] Dark Mode Implementation Across Decentraland Platforms/Websites

by 0x01d1caa915cbb6dea512537fa3e22578e9a5991b (METAWOLF)

Should funds from the DAO Treasury be allocated to finance a new community-led project addressing issues outlined herein?

Linked Pitch Proposal

Dark Mode across more/all Decentraland platforms/sites


This proposal supports the implementation of Dark Mode across Decentraland’s platforms and websites, addressing the community’s widespread request for a night mode setting.

Night Mode has been a long-desired feature within the Decentraland community, like the linked pitch proposal

The subsequent sections will detail the specific problem statement, technical specifications, and anticipated positive outcomes for the Decentraland community.

Problem Statement

The Decentraland community has long expressed a collective desire for the implementation of Dark Mode across platforms and websites. The absence of a night-friendly interface causes visually uncomfortable experience, especially in low-light conditions (evening-night).

Why we are asking for a Dark Mode?
Firstly, it can reduce the issue of bad sleep caused by exposure to bright screens in the evening. Dark Mode offers a solution by reducing the emitted light, providing users with a more sleep-friendly environment.

Users find it beneficial in minimizing eye strain and increasing readability, especially in low-light scenarios. The absence of this feature limits the adaptability of Decentraland’s interface

Technical Specification

  1. Platform Compatibility:
    Ensure compatibility with all major browsers, applications, devices and any other platforms where Decentraland content is accessed.

  2. User Interface Integration:
    Design an intuitive user interface that allows users to easily toggle between Dark Mode and the standard mode. Implementing a user-friendly setting in account preferences will ensure a smooth transition for users.

Use Cases

  1. Improved Sleep Quality:
    Users can activate Dark Mode during evening and nighttime sessions, reducing the exposure to bright screens. This promotes better sleep quality

  2. Energy Conservation:
    Dark Mode contributes to a more energy-efficient digital experience. By lowering screen brightness, power consumption is reduced, aligning with eco-friendly practices and supporting sustainable energy usage.

  3. Reduced Eye Strain:
    Dark Mode provides users with a visually comfortable experience in low-light conditions. The reduced brightness contribute to decreased eye stress, making it easier for users to engage with Decentraland content for extended periods.

  4. Customization for Personal Preference:
    Dark Mode introduces a layer of customization, allowing users to personalize their digital experience based on aesthetic preferences. This feature enhances user satisfaction and engagement within the Decentraland ecosystem.

  5. Community Well-being:
    Responding to the community’s longstanding request for Dark Mode promotes a sense of community well-being. By actively addressing user preferences, Decentraland demonstrates a commitment to enhancing the overall satisfaction and usability of the platform.


  1. Dark Mode Implementation:
    Deliver a fully functional Dark Mode feature across Decentraland’s core platform, associated websites, and interfaces, ensuring compatibility with major web browsers and mobile applications.

  2. User Interface Design:
    Provide a visually appealing and intuitive user interface for toggling between Dark Mode and the standard mode. The design should seamlessly integrate with the existing Decentraland interface.

Target Release Quarter

2024 Q2

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Have fun, do whatever you need to do for this … I feel so utterly burnt and let down by this space … I wish you luck in Dark mode, maybe some other soul will read this junk.

Voting yes to move this forward.

Dark Mode Implementation Across Decentraland Platforms/Websites

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

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