[DAO:aff98d2] VP and GP the future of DAO's

by 0x37f00ec67d68c2d3c662339c183d37403c36f28e (AaronLeupp#f28e)

Tired of hearing the complaining from everyone on how DAO’s should be or how people “should” vote. Let’s just stick with what works and keep it simple.

Run it like would be optimal as a business. Customer money spent = GP grant power and VP= Voting power. You spend $10,000 in wearable submission fees or MANA or land you get 10,000 VP and GP. But if you vote on a grant with your 10,000 GP it goes away since that value went to the grant. If the grant passes. If it does not you get your GP back since it was not invested. The value of your GP will be equal to the funds that are put into the DAO based on whatever transaction. Royalties from Land Purchases, MANA, Wearable Submission fees etc etc any method that puts funds back into the DAO.

Customers always right. Run it like a company. VP and GP (voting power) and (grant power) if people wanna spend their GP on a grant that builds everything out of pizza so be it. If they wanna build baby dolls tall enough it hits the moon? so be it. if they wanna pay to have someone make it rain in the casino. so be it. If people wanna spend GP on things like Waifu monsters and call them Waifumon, who cares. So be it. Simple supply and demand. Open to all feedback this just an idea.

PS: If HP votes Yes on this I did not hack his account.

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I don’t really get it…
Can you explain with an example?

I feel like this will make people not want to vote on grants at all. Because nobody wants to loose their GP. Which maybe a good thing so we can use those funds on the actual platform. But I also think it will make people more likely to vote on their own grants. Or trade vote for vote resulting in voters not giving their honest opinion just to get their grant passed. It also takes away value that we already currently hold. by separating GP from VP & making it vanish.

VP and GP the future of DAO’s

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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  • Yes 1% 8,865 VP (17 votes)
  • No 34% 1,228,780 VP (10 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 65% 2,350,949 VP (16 votes)