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Greetings, Decentraland fam! As we bid farewell to March, it’s time to reflect on the incredible musical journey we’ve embarked on together this month. From birthday celebrations to unique mashups and epic beat battles, let’s dive into the highlights of our adventures in the metaverse.


Awedjob and Meta Mona B-Day Bash at the Dollhouse (March 2nd):

We kicked off the month in style with the birthday celebration of Awedjob and Meta Mona at the Dollhouse. Surrounded by the vibrant energy of the DCL community and accompanied by awesome music.

MoBeatz with SCRO (March 3rd):

We were honored to host the incredibly talented SCRO as our guest for MoBeatz on March 3rd. With a massive following on social media platforms, SCRO brought his unique blend of anti-pop and experimental sounds to our virtual stage, captivating the audience with his distinctive guitar style and surreal musical journey.

Monthly MashUp Madness (March 13th):

The Monthly MashUp event returned for its second installment, where we embraced spontaneity and creativity by crafting unique mashups from songs randomly selected by the audience. It was a night filled with musical surprises and collaborative energy.

St Patrick’s Day Special with Thayer Period (March 17th):

In celebration of St Patrick’s Day, we welcomed the talented producer and singer Thayer Period to MoBeatz. Hailing from Vermont, Thayer Period has been making waves with his sound recreation videos on social media, offering a fresh perspective on music production and creativity.

Easter Sunday Beat Battle Extravaganza (March 31st):

We concluded the month with an epic beat battle for MoBeatz, featuring special guest producers Brandon Manus, 0xQuan, and DENVER. The audience witnessed their unique approaches to crafting music from a single sample, showcasing the diverse creativity within our community.

Mo FYAH Mondays at TRU (Throughout March):

Continuing our tradition, we rocked four Mo FYAH Mondays at TRU, delivering original artwork for each event on four stunning SHOAPs. These weekly gatherings provided a consistent source of musical inspiration and community connection.
March was undoubtedly a month filled with memorable moments and musical magic in Decentraland. As we look ahead to the future, let’s continue to create, collaborate, and celebrate the power of music in our virtual world.


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