[DAO:a734355] Update #2 for proposal "Designing Visual Content for DAO Documentation"

Author: 0xd7ea7ce3b197e31415aa18d19f8b61b1d4887bc0
Update Status: Late
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


My proposal aims to bridge this gap by developing visual and detailed posters that illustrate the complexities of the Decentraland DAO in an engaging and visual manner.

In the initial month, I meticulously curated a comprehensive list of illustrations rooted in my research and thorough examination of the pertinent documents. Following a rigorous review and validation process, this curated list served as the foundation for the subsequent phase: the creation of the actual illustrations.


Creation of the draft sample images.

Upon receiving feedback, I diligently commenced the process of crafting the draft sample images, adhering meticulously to the outlined specifications provided during the ideation phase.

Establishment of the Discussion Room, designed to facilitate updates on the project’s progress for all stakeholders.


I am eagerly anticipating feedback on the completed illustrations. The sooner I receive it, the more time I will have to incorporate any necessary amendments, ensuring the final output aligns perfectly with our expectations and requirements.

Next steps

Currently, I am actively engaged in compiling the list of illustrations. Simultaneously, I am in constant communication with the committee members, eagerly anticipating their feedback updates. The subsequent phase will involve incorporating necessary amendments based on their input. Following the revisions, all illustrations will be prepared in two distinct formats: one with a transparent background and another in a square format optimized for social media platforms.

Additional notes and links

Please see the link to the Notion Document where I am consistently posting updated illustrations.

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