[DAO:a553c9f] Praave is a private transactions for Dapps with one button browser extension

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We are addressing challenges of privacy in Dapps by leveraging existing privacy-preserving technologies like Railgun and connecting them to existing applications. The tool will be compatible with major browsers and provide users with a simple and intuitive interface to enable private transactions with a single click.

Praave was born on ETHPrague 2023 and won 4 bounties from AAVE, PWN, Taiko and Mantle on the hackathon and aims to continue its journey by furthering its integration for enhanced privacy within the ETH ecosystem.

Grant size

50,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

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Praave seeks to integrate its privacy solution with Decentraland, creating a secure and private experience within the metaverse. This integration will provide significant benefits to Decentraland and its users by addressing key challenges and enhancing the platform’s existing projects.1

  1. Privacy-Enabled Virtual Asset Management: Praave’s integration will introduce privacy features that protect users’ virtual asset ownership and transactions within Decentraland. This ensures that users have full control over their assets while maintaining confidentiality and preventing unauthorized access.
  2. Anonymous Social Interactions: By integrating Praave, Decentraland can offer users the option of engaging in anonymous social interactions. This enables individuals to connect, communicate, and collaborate without revealing their real-world identities, fostering a more inclusive and expressive metaverse community.
  3. Enhanced Trading Privacy: Praave’s privacy solution will provide Decentraland users with enhanced privacy when engaging in virtual asset trading. Users can conduct transactions with confidentiality, protecting their trading strategies, and minimizing the risk of front-running attacks.

Roadmap and milestones

The roadmap for integrating Praave’s privacy solution into Decentraland consists of several key milestones.

First, we will conduct thorough research and planning to understand the privacy requirements and challenges within the Decentraland ecosystem. This will help us develop a comprehensive plan for implementing privacy features that align with Decentraland’s goals and user expectations.

Next, we will focus on the development and deployment of the core smart contracts necessary for integrating Praave’s privacy solution with Decentraland. This includes establishing a secure and efficient transaction flow between the two platforms.

Once the smart contracts are in place, we will proceed with the API integration, ensuring seamless communication and data flow between Decentraland and Praave’s privacy protocols.

The privacy protocol implementation phase will involve integrating the privacy features within Decentraland to safeguard user transactions and interactions. Thorough testing and optimization will be conducted to ensure efficient and secure privacy preservation.

Throughout the process, we will actively engage with the Decentraland community, providing education and support on the integrated privacy solution. We will also launch targeted marketing campaigns to raise awareness and promote the value proposition of privacy in Decentraland.

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I still don’t know what Praave is.
If you want to be anonymous you can just create a new metamask wallet and use a VPN, no need for a whole new wallet and extension.

Let me confirm, do you think if you create a new wallet and use VPN then your transactions in a blockchain become somehow private and you cannot track what you are doing?

Praave is a private transactions for Dapps with one button browser extension

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