[DAO:9f29a03] Meta Residence Tower & Meta Residence Worlds

by 0xedf458ce355c755e1973778b51b917066d4c0bad (Tony)

Should the following $110,000 grant in the Platform category be approved?


The Meta Residence Tower(MRT) project aims to address the challenges faced by Decentraland users when trying to access or create customised virtual spaces. The current process of hiring developers to code is costly and time-consuming. By developing the MRT, we offer a simple, no-code solution for Decentraland citizens.

Through these problem-solving features, the MRT project aims to revolutionise the way Decentraland citizens access, create,
and interact with virtual spaces, offering a cost-effective and user-friendly alternative to the current process.

Full version of Grant Proposal (With Links)

Grant size

110,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



The Meta Residence Tower represents a virtual skyscraper with 10,000 NFT apartments (spaces).
Access to an apartment is provided with an NFT key, which the user can purchase on the website or in the building itself.

The building offers four types of layouts: Studio, 1BHK, 2BHK, and Penthouse. There is also the possibility to make it an open space.

Each apartment includes an interior design constructor with more than 700 furniture items (from bedroom to bathroom),
along with options for ceilings, floors, and wallpapers. Users can create unique furniture arrangements with this tool.

There are also interactive Smart Items and Upgrades that expand user interaction:

  • Boombox: A music player.
  • Picture frames and large banners.
  • Dance floors.
  • Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Website links
  • Chroma key, multipurpose screen
  • Animated light music, disco balls.
  • NFT frames
  • Donation box
  • Few types of Video Screens: The owner can stream audio and video content directly to the apartment.
  • There is also a paid CDN feature for broadcasting from our video servers.
  • Programmable pin-code secured safe & door & noticeboard with text or images.
  • Door Banner & Name
  • UI - Clickable Banner
  • We are actively adding more interactive experiences on a weekly basis.

Access features in the apartment

By default, only the user with the NFT key can enter the apartment. However, the owner can set various access levels:

  • Public mode
  • Pin code access
  • Access by Wearables
  • Access by NFTs
  • Access for interior designers
  • Access for payment.
  • Membership: The owner can sell permanent access to their space.
  • CCTV: The owner can see who has been in the apartment, how many times, and when their last visit was.

Gasless transactions

We have our own meta-transaction server. Payments can be made in two currencies: USDT and MANA at the current rate.

Many use cases for their space are already available: mini-games, quests, NFT galleries, fashion shows, parties with
streaming in the apartment, parkour, paid events, business cards, shops, meeting places with friends, and a piece of
home and personal corner in the metaverse.

All these features above have already been implemented

The project covers almost everything what general Decentraland citizen might need.

Our plans for sustainability

  • Apartment sales
  • Smart item sales
  • Upgrade sales
  • Sales Meta Residence Worlds (see below)

After 8 months of development we have launched the beta version in late March
and have already sold apartments, upgrades, and smart items amounting to over $12,000 this month
We ask the DAO to allocate $110,000 for current and future development.
Since this is a commercial project, we want to repay the grant and contribute part of the revenue to the DAO.

The payment plan is as follows:

  • 30% of the sales of apartments, smart items, and upgrades will be transferred monthly to the DAO until the total
    amount is repaid.
  • After that we will also transfer 5% of the primary apartment sales to the DAO until all apartments are sold.

As a contribution to the community, we want to make the 8MetaBalls and 8MetaPawns, project fully open-source with scene and server code. We believe this will be a good contribution to examples of complex scenes and will certainly be one of the largest contributions to open-source scenes. But at the same time we will maintain the in-world version. These projects cover significant numbers of features might be helpful for the community.

Roadmap and milestones


  • Delivering new smart items & Upgrades for: Parties, NFT-Galleries, Wearables - Galleries, Games
  • Developing the ability to sell NFT and Wearables from the apartments.
  • Optimise models of furniture by weight and triangles.
  • Creating tutorials about possibilities to easy onboard new users.
  • Marketing efforts:
    • We’re in the process of developing a solution to house non-Decentraland NFT collections within the Meta Residence Tower (MRT).
    • We’re engaged in discussions with a number of real estate developers and furniture manufacturers who are looking to establish their brands in the metaverse via collaboration with MRT.
    • We are continuously onboarding new users through our collaborative initiatives within Decentraland.

Meta Residence Worlds

  • As part of the community, we believe that Worlds will bring more attention to Decentraland itself. As Yemel has mentioned in Worlds 2.0 proposal, there are potentially 600k users who can have a piece of Decentraland.
  • Since we have all the backend features and front-end code, delivering the same functionality to the Worlds would be a logical continuation for our project.
  • The initial plan is to bring a few types of spaces: a Villa, Conference Space, Shop, Gallery, and
    Open Space.
  • Based on Worlds 2.0 proposal, we will deliver a solution to ENS holders (under 25 mb, a trimmed version), a full one for Name Holders(under 100mb), and a premium solution for those who can
    increase the limits.

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I would be happy to answer any question here, or privately on Discord Tony#5910, or we can arrange a video call.

easy Yes from me. I said this a while ago and I will say it again. The two plays that will be the future of Decentraland are Gaming or this. My gaming proposal got voted down by a whale so I would like to at least see this go through and thrive. You can look at the success of Sims, Seconds Life, or Animal Crossing but more modernly can look at the success of PKXD. Fingers crossed.


Amazing project! Amazing technology! Last but not least, amazing team! Keep it up!:fire::fire::fire:


I will actually vote No (unfortunately) because i had some deception for MRT about the paid features. I know that to be suistainable, the project have to propose paid option to maintain the project and it’s not a problem. But what gave me a cold breath is about some BASICS features that are paid… I’m thinking first about social links that is, in my opinion, a BASIC feature that should be available to anyone and that is also in the interest of MRT to be available for the more users as possible because it helps users bring visibilty on theirself AND on MRT. Also this is a feature that takes only like 5 seconds to be added in SDK so you can believe me when i said i was disapointed by this.
The MRT coins only (atm) allow to buy non-utility furnitures (so in my opinion these coins are useless in a way because they bring absolutely NO-UTILITY except decorations). The only feeling i had seeing this is that once we paid to have a spot, then we have to pay to show discord, pay to show twitter, pay to show 1 nft, pay to show, pay to show and again… At then end, better learn to use SDK…
Again i’m not complaining about paid features because as i said the project have to be suistainable but requesting a 100k grant beside the fact that EVERYTHING already cost to users, it’s a bit much.

Actually if someone want to add basic smart items :
Add music (15$), add 1 image (10$), 1 stream screen (30$!), Discord link (15$), twitter link (15$), website link (15$), Telegram (15$), 1 NFT (15$)… (And if you want to add 5 images + 3 Nft = 95$!!! for exemple so it can quickly cost A LOT)
These features should be a basic as i said when you know that you already paid between 150-200$ a flat. Because with only buying features mentioned above (15+10+30+15+15+15+15+15 = 185$) it’s as expensive than buy a flat so around 300-350$ to have a spot with vital features (if u only use 1 of each features)… Maybe for someone that really won’t use SDK it’s ok but definitely not in my opinion.

I think that it’s not respectable for the users who already invested in your project…It’s like buying a game then see that there is no quest, no NPC, etc. Nothing except that the game have good graphics and then said users that they have to purchase a dlc to have quests and else… Sounds like a Ubisoft mindset… Sorry.

What i think sould be respectable for users AND bring suistainability to the project is that basics feature should be purchasable in MRT coins (and why not also in Mana, that let the user choose how he want to get the feature and keep suistainability) → exemple : Discord link = 500MRT or 15$, smart screen = 1000MRT or 30$ etc.
Then leave basics decoration purchasable with MRT (to let people have some options to have a home sweet home) AND then add other furnitures (like VIP decorations) purchasable in Mana to bring suistainabilty to the project. THIS IS JUST AN EXEMPLE. Also this will push users to stay more on MRT because with that kind of system, users will have a REAL UTILITY to spend time here.

Actually if you bought a flat and don’t want to pay 180$ to add basics features then you paid between 150-200$ to have a spot with no utility. GREAT!

Sorry if i’m not explaining myself well (english is not my main language) and sorry if i’m being quite rude against you (it’s not what i wanted) but i really took your economic system as disrespect and i’m actually kind of sad to have bought a flat till i saw all of that. So requesting a 100k grant without respecting community (in my opinion) is not possible…

I’ll reconsider my vote (even if i think you don’t care about 215VP) if you reconsider the way you are acting with the community.


Please be aware that posting this in the Platform category requires you to publish all of the source code with Apache 2.0 licensing.

This may be better in the Accelerator category.

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I really don’t see anything innovative about the Worlds part.
Are you deploying your own worlds server? It literally takes 10 minutes to do and doesn’t require thousands of USDs

That already exist, doesn’t require any dev time.

It’s crazy that people are voting yes to this budget.

If you are getting 12k per month, then you might not need external funding to optimize your 3d assets or create a tutorial.


Hi @Lyzbeth666.

First,I want to thank you for your feedback and express my apologies that you feel negatively about the project.

Let me address each of your concerns step by step.

The basic features come with a complete flat that includes furniture, wallpaper, ceilings, and floors, accounting for more than 700 units, all completely free. In addition, there are several basic access modes, such as the Public Mode and Pin-code mode that are also free of charge. These modes allow the owner to invite guests into the apartment. We have also included a free music player(boombox) and a custom painting feature for initial users. It starts from $69. There are also several ways to acquire smart items for free, such as participating in contests, lotteries, and giveaways.

The oversight on our part is that we didn’t emphasize enough about this in our FAQ section, tutorials, website, and shop. This is mostly due to the fact that a month ago, there were only a few smart items, but now there are more than 35 smart items and upgrades.

Here are the actions we will be taking:

  • We will add a detailed description to all areas where a user can purchase a flat.
  • We will add a section on our website and a description in the Tower Info tab, providing information about free and payable features."

Regarding M-Bucks, your understanding isn’t entirely accurate. All basic “non-utility” furniture, which amounts to about 700 units, is absolutely free for users. Currently, the game currency is used for the lottery https://twitter.com/residence_meta/status/1659018462851735553 and we plan on utilizing it for future activities. Additionally, we have plans to introduce a wearable collection that can be purchased with M-Bucks.

This is exactly our approach. Moreover, you don’t even need to purchase the basic furniture with MRT coins; it’s entirely free. We’ve also added smart items that can be bought with Mana, ensuring sustainability.

I am truly sorry to hear about your disappointment. If you were unaware of the conditions, I would personally like to offer you the option of a flat buyback. Alternatively, we could discuss in Discord how best to resolve this situation. Feel free to open a ticket. Me and @INVOKER will assist you.

Rest assured, we have the utmost respect for our community. We’re simply trying to provide a new user experience that has never been offered before, all while ensuring sustainability.

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Hi @mattimus.

Under this grant proposal, we plan to open source two robust and complex projects (8MetaBalls, 8MetaPawns), each with scene and server code under the APACHE 2.0 license. We believe this will significantly contribute to the pool of complex scene examples and undoubtedly become one of the largest contributions to open-source scenes.

These two projects encompass the following aspects: Complex interactions between scenes and the Colyseus server (multiple rooms, interactions between them, reconnections, etc), database operations, access to different features, NFT interaction, a shopping system, a complex User Interface, physics (including multiplayer interactions), wearables, interaction with smart contracts, a dashboard and rating system, an achievements system, real-time multiplayer functionality via a server, integration with external libraries, and many more use-cases.

HI @HPrivakos!

I appreciate your feedback.

No, we’re not talking here about our own world server. That’s not really the challenge. The challenge is bringing all the functionality from the Tower to independent WORLDS right out of the box. This includes features such as lazy loadings (which differ across layouts), an interior editor (which also has to be modified due to varying space sizes), smart items and user interaction, access controls, and so on. Almost all things on the frontend should be modified, and some parts should be customized for each layout. We aim to create a user-friendly solution that can be easily purchased and deployed to a user’s world (on the official world content server or private one) without any required technical knowledge.
There is also the challenge of creating trimmed-down versions of our solution that can fit under 25MB & 100MB file size limits. Since we plan to introduce various layouts from Villa to Castle, we also need to create diverse furniture pieces to match these settings. There’s also much more behind-the-scenes work involved.

And while all this is happening, we’re still continuously adding new features to MRT and developing it. There’s a lot of work ahead of us

I’m not sure what you’re referring to, but our project doesn’t have the ability for the owner to sell any NFTs or Wearables from the spaces. We are working on that solution right now.

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Cool, but why not just copy the code already done? It should not be complicated as you already have a CMS and the code to buy something from the DCL Marketplace already exist GitHub - decentraland-scenes/wearables-store

Cool about Worlds.
Atlas Corp and DCL.Guru provides worlds with higher limits if needed.


As i said, sorry for being rude. I really believe that you are respecting the community, it’s just that i took it other way because of my personal opinion and it’s still same beside your explanations, sorry but i already boycotted lots of Big Companies because of their mindset (as Ubisoft) so in my opinion i still can’t agree with you.
It’s not only because i’m a “Small wallet” even if it for sure a point of what i can’t go further.

Even with reading all you are planning to add, what i see is that you will add more paid features again and again. As i said i bought a 160$ flat, if i want to place only 1 of each VITAL smart items that were the main reason why i bought a flat (Add music (15$), add 1 image (10$), 1 stream screen (30$!), Discord link (15$), twitter link (15$), website link (15$), Telegram (15$), 1 NFT (15$)) makes the actual total price at 340$ = 5 worlds. Again, for people who don’t want to code maybe it’s ok but i always prefered worked and learn things and already started learn sdk so again i can’t imagine paying that much with the fact i can make all of this quickly in SDK for no cost… The only benefit i can actually have keeping the flat atm is to be on Genesis server but in my opinion it’s not worth that price.

Also i had a question for long and i think it’s a good moment to ask it. Actually with the key, we own access to a part of the estate but for sure not the ownership of that part (correct me if i’m wrong). So i was wondering if one day, for any reasons (not enough suistainabilty, not enough active members, personal reasons or else) you have to stop the project and stop all costs about it. Will we always be able to go to the flat? What garentee tha land could be sold in the future then the build removed? If the build is changed, will we always have like an access for nexts build or will we be owner of a key that is no more usable?

I really appreciate your proposal to buyback the flat, thank you it’s definitely a nice move in my opinion and i’ll consider about it shortly.

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We are taking this approach for wearables but also plan to bring the possibility of selling any NFT, not just wearables.

Yeah, I’ve already had a look at your service. We will undoubtedly contact you when we require it.

I love the idea of MRT and what it has been for ppl in the community, love seeing ppl set up their spaces and throwing parties and hangs. It has really helped ppl w out land to have a home and share it w others and I so so appreciate that.

But learning that you also charge for many things besides the space itself, and are now asking for a large grant concerns me. And I will be voting no because of this.

I do hope to continue to see the project grow and more users use the spaces, and wish you all luck as you continue to build.

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I do see the need for something like this in Decentraland. Great work finding needs for our community.

I would like to add to what @mattimus stated about outsourcing the code. I don’t see that this is a you get to choose what you are making open source. It clearly states the following:

2- Platform performance metrics:

  • Publish the source code and its derivatives developed under the budget provided by the DAO under an open-source license and in a public repository.
  • Commit to publishing documentation for the community to understand and contribute to the codebase.

We cannot make exceptions here and there. If you are not able or willing to do as policy states then I do not see how this can pass even with a yes majority. It should be written in your proposal. Let’s not waste the DAO and GSS time just to revoke the grant.

In theory, what would happen is:

it passes, but the GSS would at some point, assuming your reasonable understanding of those rules is correct, would recommend the grant be revoked and then it would be up to the revocation committee to decide.

At least, that is how I understand the process. Though perhaps anyone can summon the revocation committee if they try hard enough.

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Meta Residence Tower & Meta Residence Worlds

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 66% 7,910,627 VP (83 votes)
  • No 33% 4,040,878 VP (19 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 5,117 VP (5 votes)

Meta Residence Tower & Meta Residence Worlds

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbef99f5f55cf7cdb3a70998c57061b7e1386a9b0)

Vesting Contract Address: 0x2ed4680F24147352742a0aa99B55da54bee309e5

The “platform” grants requires you to open source all the stack impacted by the grant, not just a couple sub-projects.

This grant requires you to open source Meta Residence Tower. The scene, the server, and to document everything.

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