[DAO:8a004b0] First Decentraland Main Plaza Cyber PARADE

by 0x1d4bee5c7c1cc048cc287347103bd8eeb01d844e (crowdpunk)


A parade around the main plaza to establish user record.


Main Plaza Decentraland. Coordinates 11,1


Monday 24.04.2023 19:00 UTC


My name is crowdpunk
and my purpose is to bring the long needed crowd to web3. Everyone that cares and wants to be part of a historic moment is invited.


Decentraland was created to meet and play in the cyber space. Let’s do exactly that and have fun and create history at the same time.

The following is a narrative from the future and you can chose to believe it, foster it and make it successful. This will show if the Decentraland community is dead, or can actually show face at their own party. Showing up is all that is needed.


The idea had been to challenge and break records in Decentraland.
How many users have been in Decentraland at any given point in time?
How many users all together at the same time, and how many in one specific location?
Seemingly simple questions, but after researching and being in touch with the few data analytics projects in the space such as https://www.atlascorp.io/ the news was: We don’t know! No data recording or detailed analytics are available for around that time in 2021 when there was some movement. The best I got was some guesstimates of 2000+ users at the max in late 2021.


When you don’t know the record you just establish one! This proposal serves only this one purpose. To bring the most people Decentraland at the same time EVER. What does a cyber crowd feel like?
Calling on all date scientist to pay attention and record this event to be able to analyze after.


Everyone that cares about Decentraland, and wants to experience what happens if there is actually users, will show up on Monday 24.04.2023 19:00 UTC at Main Plaza

Decentraland. Coordinates 11,1

We will collectively walk around the Main Plaza one time and show face and interact with each other. I invite you to find me and send an in-world friend request. Only this first time will I accept all requests. Befriend as many others as you can.
Following media outlets will be informed about this proposal and the Parade. To help the cause you can also email them to make us heard.





Crypto Daily


We are establishing following records:

  1. The most users to ever be in Decentraland at the same time.
  2. The most users to ever be in one location in Decentraland at the same time.
  3. The longest parade ever to be done in any virtual World ever.


Should this be considered a spam proposal, take a deep breath, look at yourself and reflect on what you have actively taken action on to make Decentraland gain traction?

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Event link

If you don’t show up to your own party, no one else will. This initiative will show if Decentraland is live or dead.

Vote YES if you will show up and want this to happen, and be proactive by emailing the media outlets to inform.

  • YES, I will come
  • NO, we all go home
  • Invalid question/options

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Interesting way of using DAO Poll, i dont know if this is the intention usage of DAO, but i like it lol


I agree @MetaDoge. I think this is a great idea and have mentioned it in the CBD Twitter Space to try and reach as many as possible. I hope we have a huge turn out. Maybe we do a Hands Across Decentraland and see how far we reach too.


Thanks for your support

The first follower is the true leader. Kudos for being active. Someone actually voted for: NO, lets all go home. This encourages me to prove him wrong. Thanks for that.

If someone takes the time to invite me to their party, then I am going to go!!

I’ll come if it’s not 3:69 AM for me while I’m asleep.

With the current limitations of Decentraland the most you’ll ever see in a single parcel/scene at a time is limited to 100, I know I’ve been around at times in the past when parties had well over 100 people, some most memorable of those times was the Metaverse Fest 2021 and early parties at Dollhouse. Some of the events at Dollhouse that I DJ’ed at in the recent Fashion Week managed to break that 100 cap also. I’d say it’s generally not a great experience, especially if there’s only a few people that get sent to another realm and can’t join others at the party! I think based on this, I suspect there would be an absolute max number of people that can be on a single scene at a time, based on how many of the servers (Realms) are online. I hope this will improve one day.

Aww damn it’ll be dead in the night for me as well. I wish you all the best.
Question @crowdpunk , what if the turnout is dismal? Do you have a rough figure so far as to the potential turnout? Calling all those news outlets down to witness it will just worsen the bad press we’ve been experiencing, with all of them corroborating each other’s story.

Call me one of little faith, but to have that happen to us again, i’d rather we stay low and build.

First Decentraland Main Plaza Cyber PARADE

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes, i will come 98% 1,667,256 VP (99 votes)
  • No, we all go home 1% 4,683 VP (13 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 1 VP (2 votes)

We will walk on the road around Main Plaza. All these things you mention we put to the test! That is part of the concept. Can Decentraland actually handle users.

@Billyteacoin @3Point1Four
BTW without trying to be pushy. How many times in your life have you set an alarm for something important? Would this not be a fun story to tell the next day to your family that you set an alarm to go to a Cyber Parade in the early morning hours for 15min? Go pee afterwards and right back to sleep?

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Yeah! Its happening. SHOW UP FOLKS. First Decentraland Main Plaza Cyber PARADE | Decentraland Events

That is a very interesting question. If the turnout is dismal it means that the Decentraland community can not show up to it’s own party. In theory it can be announced dead if this happens. It would be very discouraging but as we know there is not really bad press. Everyone deserves a second chance. So there will be a second PARADE no matter what, and hopefully the community learns and shows up.
Help post this link where ever you can. First Decentraland Main Plaza Cyber PARADE | Decentraland Events

Not necessarily. There were several of us in Realm Heimdllr and were not able to access the Unicorn realm. I hope the turn out there was more than the 3 it showed listed in that realm.

First Decentraland Main Plaza Cyber PARADE

This proposal has been PASSED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbef99f5f55cf7cdb3a70998c57061b7e1386a9b0)

I have done this plenty of times in DCL because of events happening during my sleep time. But it’s not a sustainable thing for me and I have quickly experienced burnout trying to attend events like that so often, so I tend to avoid it these days if I can help it!