[DAO:86b73b8] Add the location -49,73 to the Points of Interest

by 0xdce7d7f3ea933b214b1e73b47b079b631122596e (Metancy)

Metancy Pool

Should the scene located at -49,73 be added to the Point of Interest list?


Metancy pool is a non-commercial scene in DCL coordinating at -49;73. There we made amount of community events and help to develop music and art figures not only by providing space but in same time with our marketing and shilling possibilities.

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Hi there! It’s a nice looking build. I like the rubber duckies in the pool. Can you list the events you’ve held here? When looking at what a parcel needs to be a POI star, I usually want to see a history of engagement in our community. Maybe I have missed your events :slight_smile:

MetancyPool is a wonderful location with a cool design, and with an excellent location on the map. Very handy for music events. External posters that change with each event look especially cool. And the location of these posters on one of the main streets attracts attention) It’s very cool) our label ZHEST has already held several events in this location and we were completely delighted) The Metancy team is just wonderful, they are very kind and helpful people. And yes…sooooooooo fun and every event is sooo cool. And the pool … oh this pool … we love it … it’s a great place)

Hey @Canessa ! Thank you for the comment and yes you’re right, we have to show off some of Metancy Pool highlights.

We collaborate with the producing label ZHEST who’s a really nice community of musicians from Caucasus. With that guys we had a lot of parties, some of was really successful🚀

Feel the ZHEST - 3 days party set in a parallel with MVMF 22’

House Valentine’s Day - house party was held in Saint Valentine’s Day engaged more than 10 people and was really fun

One of our first party and big pleasure for us was Bettrekkers semi-final pre party which was full of beautiful DCL people

That’s not all but I think most shiny of our parties was held at the Pool =)

Hello, thank you for your POI request. I jumped in and then recalled that I was in your space once before and enjoyed my time, so thank you for that! For me when I think about a POI approval it does seem that repetition matters. Maybe a few more events or parties will help to get the POI but until then I will vote no.

I don’t understand the concept: Non-commercial but with marketing and shilling possibilities

Hey @ArtReYou ! Thank you for your question. We are leaders of the community, and yes, Metancy helps people from our community for free, including promo and shilling, sometimes with media materials. If you don’t understand this kind of concept - I can’t help with it ))

Until this moment, all parties were non-commercial, but we don’t say we will not take money if somebody asks to create an event and promo strategy =)

Add the location -49,73 to the Points of Interest

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 48% 1,506,137 VP (138 votes)
  • No 52% 1,578,377 VP (125 votes)

Hello sir @HPrivakos

Can we please ask you why are you stopping any our beginnings?

I still understand our grant proposal, maybe something in the project was not enough for you - ok

But here is the POI proposal with the solid approval, community accepting

Do you have any personal claims?
Remember you provided a CDN stream link for us and just dumped after month of work and payments, sill ignoring @MetaverseRick nah?)))

The community accepted it so much that without the vote of MetaTrekkers that proposal wouldn’t have reach the threshold, excluding MetaTrekkers and BeatTrekkers that proposal got less than 150k VP Yes.
I trust the opinions of Canessa, DedHeadJ and ArtReYou to know what a place need to be a POI and based on their comments it seems you haven’t done much events there yet, you also replied in a condescending manner to a comment from ArtReYou.

I do not have anything personal against you or MetaverseRick (or anyone else), he sent me three messages over three months on discord where I get over a dozens DMs a day, I simply missed them. About the streaming server, it always stayed active on my side, it likely stopped working due to an issue on DCL side (SugarClub had a similar issue.).

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