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Should RizkGh be added to DAO Committee?



Reasons for adding

Why are you applying?

As the leader of Metarizk Studio, verified by Decentraland Studios, I am applying for this position because I firmly believe in the potential of the DAO system and that it will replace traditional governance and banking systems in the future. After deep conversations with friends, I have written a brief article about the significance of the DAO in the metaverse compared to the real world (Here).
With significant experience in Decentraland as an investor, developer, and observer since 2018/2019, I have actively participated in design and creation. And I think it’s time to involve myself more in governance proposals, DAO operations, and technical aspects, going beyond the artistic work I do, as I believe they complement each other.

What is your history with both Decentraland and Decentraland’s DAO?

I have a history with Decentraland that dates back to the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. Initially, I joined Decentraland and started building using the standard DCL builder as an architect. As I progressed, I expanded my knowledge by learning the SDK. During that time, I actively participated in almost all Builder contests held in 2019 & 2020 and was fortunate enough to win several prizes.

As my involvement with Decentraland grew, it eventually became my full-time occupation. I have constructed over 500 lands, though I must admit that I stopped keeping an exact count. Additionally, I have also created various wearables and emotes. Moreover, I actively engage with the Decentraland community, assisting numerous brands, groups, and companies in their integration into DCL. Some notable collaborations include working with Ytcrackers, RealMissNFT, Goatz NFT, Lottie London, MEW, and most recently, building for Saudi Arabia’s largest bank, Riyad Bank (Here).
Furthermore, I have been supporting the DAO by holding DCL assets and actively participating in proposal votes, contributing to the decision-making process and the development of Decentraland’s ecosystem.


What skills, qualifications, and experience will you bring to the committee?


  • Bachelor’s degree in Architecture.
  • Master’s degree in BioDigital Architecture from Barcelona.
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from PMI.
  • Certified Decentraland Studio.
  • Certified PRO Studio on Sandstorm.


With over 12 years of experience in architecture, I have worked in various countries across the globe. Starting in the Middle East and progressing through Europe, I now find myself in Central America. Currently, my focus is in the metaverse, where I engage in building structures, coding scenes, creating wearables, and designing Emotes.
In the cryptocurrency and blockchain field, my journey started in 2017, I have gained extensive knowledge and expertise through various experiences. Continuously expanding my knowledge, I explore and build in different metaverses to understand Decentraland’s position compared to our competitors. Notable metaversesI have contributed such as Monaverse, Spatial, tryspace, Tcg world, Eth towers, and I am also a certified PRO Studio on Sandstorm.

Honors and Awards:

I have been honored with more than 10 prizes in the metaverse, with most of them being in the top three positions since 2019. You can find a comprehensive list of my achievements and awards (Here).

Provide links to any relevant social media profiles or other information that will help the community when evaluating candidates.

Website: www.metarizk.net

Twitter: twitter.com/Rizkgh

Instagram: instagram.com/rizk.ghazaly

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/rizkghazaly

YouTube: youtube.com/@rizkghazaly5294/videos

Decentraland Studio: studios.decentraland.org/profile/rizk-ghazaly

Opensea: https://opensea.io/Rizk-Ghazaly/created

Interview with Serena where you can know more about my journey: serenaelis.com/post/rizkghazaly

Prizes: https://www.metarizk.net/prizes/

Article about DCL architecture mentioning one of my buildings: soundoflife.com/blogs/experiences/decentraland-best-architecture-metaverse

Application: https://forum.decentraland.org/t/call-for-candidates-dao-committee/19215/8

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Full support to Rizkgh from THE HUB DAO. LFG!


appreciate your support :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

Due to the past selling votes for DistrictX, I abstain.

No, No and No.

Why? Shady voting tactics, rugpull affiliations, etc.

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Wow, I didn’t know about those things, @mazafaka It’s guess its true most of the time, you are who you affiliate with.

Wait, what now? I know Rizk is listed as the official architect of DistrictX, but I have not heard of any specific allegation of corruption levied against them.

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Sorry, I got back to you so late @jar0d :pray: we just talked about it in the DAO the other day, speaking of which, what a real shitshow the discord channel turned into. I guess I can dive in later with details… Keep being the best version of yourself!

Add RizkGh to DAO Committee

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 89% 11,926,955 VP (97 votes)
  • No 6% 826,122 VP (9 votes)
  • Abstain 5% 679,098 VP (14 votes)

@RobL why wait until the last second to vote?

This election does not in any way reflect the process that was voted on by the community.

There is no logical reason that the process should be changed from the one that was used to elect Tobik, and also not move us any closer to what the community voted on, which was Ranked Choice voting.

I would like to understand how it is possible for us to disregard the community voted process and who gets to decide when that’s allowed.

Sorry @HPrivakos I think you are the only person with the authority to speak to my concerns.

Perhaps @yemel @Matimio or @ginoct have some insights they can share into when it’s okay to make up process by the seat of our pants.

Add RizkGh to DAO Committee

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfb1afa4dc069ffb47b19dbee196045d508fcd5a2)

It’s about time, finally :joy: